UK Enterprise 2020

101 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Shuttlefish Creative ltd do not shy away from the spotlight. Despite being a small team tucked away in rural Warwickshire, this bold and bright company is earning its reputation for creativity and laudable expertise (as well as an eye-catching TukTuk and an office bursting with botany)! Founded by Tom Threadgill in 2011, this design and marketing company creates everything that an organisation might need for public-facing operations, from a simple logo to a full launch campaign including websites and digital marketing. Alongside clients in a variety of sectors across the UK, this is the only full-service agency to specialise in producing design and marketing materials for care homes. Boasting vital knowledge of the unique set of pressures and goals of this sector, Shuttlefish has know-how unmatched by its competitors. As a result, Shuttlefish is constantly evolving, developing innovative products, and reaching out to specialist partners in order to improve their services. Most recently, the organisation has been exploring how AI can be used in care, particularly in developing apps to be used in the recruitment and communications side of the sector. Whilst Shuttlefish is recognised for their flair for creativity and consciousness of trends led by fashion, art and culture on the design side of their business, their marketing is dictated by technological advancements and circumstances. Like many businesses, the most major of these recent circumstances is the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown. However, thanks to their efforts to remain current and ahead of digital trends, Threadgill states that the effects have not been too detrimental for the business: “The upside for us to the awfulness of Covid-19 is that suddenly everybody is comfortable using digital communications. The shift to what is now the norm has been so helpful in bringing down the time it takes to get a project off the ground, with multiple stakeholders being able to meet from different locations. It simply allows us to focus more resources on better services and products for our clients.” Jul20470 Best Web & Graphic Design Agency – Warwickshire As Shuttlefish Creative ltd nears a decade of creative design and marketing, this unique agency based in rural Warwickshire is looking forward to some major developments in its structure and branding. Following its success at the UK Enterprise Awards 2020, we take a closer look at what it is that makes this agency stand out from the crowd. It has also given the organisation time to reshape and examine what they do and why they do it, leading to an exciting two years of change ahead. This has begun with the recruitment of a new creative director, Baz Jobson, who will bring 25 years of experience in the Midlands’ creative sector to Shuttlefish. Alongside this new addition to the team, the firm has a major re-brand planned for the end of this year, in which they will launch a separate dedicated care website which will focus on their usual services, in addition to ways in which these care companies can make their back offices paperless, attract and retain better teams and get better ROI on their marketing. It is an exciting time at Shuttlefish, and this small but bright firm is definitely one to watch. Contact: Tom Threadgill Company: Shuttlefish Creative Ltd Web Address: Amy Rouse | TomThreadgill | Stuart Thomason | Adam Payne | Baz Jobson