UK Enterprise 2020

103 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 For caterers working in multi-site operations, LabelLogic Live also offers a multi-site data roll out facility, enabling the head office of an organisation to create and distribute labelling templates across their sites without fear of inconsistencies. Once again, any changes in legislature or ingredients that need to be implemented can be done immediately and across all sites, resulting in substantial time and cost savings. The recent partnership with Saffron, a market- leading management software solution, will only increase the efficiency and accuracy of LabelLogic Live. Offering seamless data management, with the click of a button users will be able to export recipes directly into the system with the same ease that is guaranteed when using LabelLogic Live. This is the first of many potential collaborations and software updates that Planglow is using to continue improving the experience of caterers of all sizes across the UK seeking labelling solutions. We look forward to seeing the next big thing from this market-leading organisation. Company: Planglow Contact Email: Web Address: For over thirty years, Planglow has been a supplier of multi-award-winning catering labels, restaurant display items and innovative food labelling software. Now, supplying to around 6,000 catering facilities across the globe, and fresh from success at the UK Enterprise Awards 2020, we take a closer look at the company as they lay out their strategies for dealing with incoming developments within the food industry. Best Food Labelling Supplier 2020: Planglow Jul20415 Planglow is an award-winning supplier of labelling software, food labels and plastic-free catering disposables, including five branded collections of eco packaging and labelling for grab and go foods. It has been proudly supplying to caterers of all sizes for over three decades, whether it be independent cafés and street vendors or hospitality chains and contract caterers. When Planglow was established in 1986, it brought one of the first food labelling programs to market. LabelLogic, a revolutionary labelling software, was a quick and easy to use self-labelling computer program that has remained to this day one of the most trusted programs available to catering professionals. Like Planglow, their market-leading software has seen some major developments since its conception. In 2016, to celebrate their thirtieth year, Planglow launched LabelLogic Live; a ground-breaking food and drink label printing application, using Planglow’s specialist cloud-based software that automatically updates to align with any changes in legislation. This intuitive function sets Planglow ahead of its competitors and will be a vital asset to customers as caterers face the implementation of Natasha’s Law over the next year and a half. The new food labelling legislation, which will come into full effect in October 2021, will mean that food and drink businesses will be required to include full ingredient labelling on all pre-packaged food and drink products. This new legislation is vital, enabling allergen sufferers to eat out without risk and will safeguard the two million people currently living with a diagnosed food allergy in the UK. While the implementation of this law may initially be daunting to caterers who have never provided in-depth allergen and nutritional data on their products before, LabelLogic Live is here to help. Designed to make the whole process easy and streamlined, this software incorporates a full nutritional recipe builder that enables users to display nutritional tables and Reference Intakes with ease. LLL’s most recent inclusion of an ‘AutoAllergen’ function also allows customers to effortlessly identify and highlight any allergens that their product contains on their labels. Being a cloud-based operation allows updates such as changes to legislation or nutritional information to be implemented immediately, whereas other providers use systems that require 3rd party software installation. Unlike LabelLogic Live, these systems slow down the user as they try to create their label, and all future updates have to be manually installed. In addition, LabelLogic Live users can access their data and print their labels on any internet connected device and standard desktop printer, meaning that users can create and adjust labels from anywhere in the world.