UK Enterprise 2020

104 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 PracticeWeb is a Bristol-based digital marketing agency that is dedicated to creating strategies, content and websites for ambitious accountants. Offering over two decades of experience and a thorough understanding of the marketing needs of accountancy firms, PracticeWeb have established themselves as a market-leading SEO and copywriting marketing agency. Best SEO & Copy Writing Marketing Agency - South West England Jul20140 PracticeWeb is dedicated to working with accountancy firms, providing strategic marketing advice, websites and content to accountants. In the past two years, the firm has reinvented itself, offering a new emphasis on data-driven insight and a focus on clients who wish to stand out in the market. Managing Director, Mike Crook, concedes that he has a very different mindset to his competitors within the marketing sector; “For me, it’s about finding the right balance between analysis and creativity – using hard data as a logical framework for the brilliant work our brand strategists, designers and writers do.” This mindset is ideal in an accountancy-centric marketing agency, as accountants are similarly minded and require concise, well-thought out marketing strategies. An appreciation for data and analysis enables the firm to truly associate themselves with their clients and by committing their twenty-one years of experience and service to the accountancy sector rather than expanding into related markets such as legal firms, PracticeWeb has truly been able to excel. The firm recently agreed an exclusive partnership with the ACCA, a body representing thousands of chartered accountants across the UK. The focus on data analysis has also allowed PracticeWeb to expand its services beyond its competitors, such as the establishment of industry benchmarks. Exclusive to PracticeWeb, the resource utilises the data from the hundreds of accounting firm websites the firm hosts to allow clients to understand how they’re performing against their own goals, as well as against industry peers. PracticeWeb has also cultivated other services which have become particularly valuable amidst the current pandemic. Strengthened by the work done by the agency in 2019, PracticeWeb was able to offer supportive responses to its clients, as accountants became overwhelmed, particularly by SMEs who called upon them to help access government support schemes. PracticeWeb was on hand to quickly produce authoritative briefing papers and content that could be utilised by accountants to provide information and deal with routine queries efficiently and effectively. The firm also released a series of ‘temperature check’ reports that they created based on data from the UK Business Forum, one of the organisations within PracticeWeb’s portfolio. The forum provides live readouts of SME concerns and attitudes that accountants are able to use to shape their communications. After two decades of operating from Bristol, the organisation is very keen to give back to its home city. This includes forming a partnership with Senta, an award-winning Bristol-based tech start-up in the accountancy sector, and promoting their work to PracticeWeb clients. Thanks to these efforts, PracticeWeb is a core player in the promotion of Bristol’s economy and visibility in the financial sector nationwide. It provides job opportunities for local talent, whether they be editors, writers or web designers, and each year the firm selects a Bristol-based charity to support. In 2019, PracticeWeb contributed to raising more than £3,000 for the mental health charity, Changes Bristol. Within PracticeWeb itself, there is a culture which encourages progression and support. Regular discussions of the core values, conscientious training and mentoring ensures that every team member remains motivated to providing the highest standards of customer service. It is a friendly, collaborative environment at PracticeWeb, and the agency-as-service model gives clients access to a range of skills and experience that includes highly trained developers, editors, graphic designers, project managers and more. As the UK economy prepares itself for business in a post-Covid landscape, PracticeWeb is keen to resume work. Prior to the lockdown, the firm had commissioned a survey into SME attitudes towards accountants which generated conversations with clients and potential clients. Mike and his team are keen to do more of this, focusing on specific industry sectors. The new digitisation of business is also presenting opportunities to PracticeWeb that the firm had not expected for some time. “We’re finding that accountants who hadn’t planned to buy websites until next year or the year after are moving those plans forward,” says Mike. “Using Government- backed bounce back loans to invest in digital communications projects makes complete sense.” As PracticeWeb prepare for this new phase of digital marketing, their central aim will remain the same; to empower clients to grow the vital contribution they make to the prosperity of people, businesses and the UK economy. As ever, everything PracticeWeb does will be driven by evidence, research, intelligence and insight. Company: PracticeWeb Email: Telephone: 0117 915 0420 Web Address: