UK Enterprise 2020

105 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 For the last 16 years, Peter Vale and his wife have been making a name for themselves within the real estate and property industry. Accumulating a wealth of experience and knowledge throughout the years, the dynamic duo took a leap of faith and started their own real estate agency, Avon Estates. We discover more about Avon Estates and how they established a reputation as one of the best independent family-run estate agencies in Worcestershire. Best Independent Family-Run Estate Agency 2020 - Worcestershire Opening their doors in 2011, Avon Estates strives to ensure that the clients they work with are always aware of what to expect at each stage of the progress to finding their dream home. The independent family-run estate agency’s services cover all aspects of selling, buying or even resting a residential property. Between the five member team, Avon Estates has a combined 75 years’ worth of industry experience within the local property market. Previously working during challenging and buoyant market places, the team have an excellent understanding of the property industry, but more importantly the in-depth knowledge of what it takes to success in today’s ever-changing market. Avon Estates is run by local people, with many of the team living in the immediate area and who also have children attending the local schools. This means that they know their market and understand their clients. The team are passionate about the area and its community, just like their clients. With much of the team being acquaintances with Peter personally or who know another member of staff, it has created a warm and friendly atmosphere at Avon Estates. Culture is the ‘problem solving as above’ , with Peter and the team really trying to understand the reason behind someone wanting to move. The more they understand about their requirements and dreams, the more they can help them. Since inception, Avon Estates have promoted they are there to ‘solve people’s property problems’. Whether a person is buying, selling or renting a property, the likelihood is that there is also something else going on in their life that the property transaction solves that issue. It could be something positive or negative that a client is going through, but dealing with that property helps with the other issue in their life, and that’s what Avon Estates is there for, the property transaction is just the answer to the other problem. The Covid-19 pandemic truly put many businesses in a challenging position, with many firms having to put their work on hold or learn to adapt to working remotely. The real estate and property industry was certainly impacted with house viewings coming to a halt. One agency which came through such turbulent times stronger was Avon Estates whose forward thinking use of PropTech, from CRM to 3D floorplans and virtual tours, enabled them to continue supporting their clients to the best of their ability. In Peter’s eyes, the team played a significant role in the firm’s ability to continue working during the unprecedented times. As the UK begins to adapt to a new way of living, Avon Estates is in the process of adding virtual Jun20247 tours to all of their lettings properties. Looking ahead to what the future holds, Peter is hoping to expand the business to include additional staff, new service packages and even a new office which will hopefully open in 2021. This award-winning real estate agency is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, and we are excited to see Avon Estates grow in the years to come. Contact: Peter Vale Company: Avon Estates Web Address: