UK Enterprise 2020

106 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Based near Peterborough, TOOJAYS Training & HR Consultancy Ltd was founded by owner and MD, Lee Martin to offer management, leadership and team development solutions together with HR Services to individuals and organisations. Today, the firm is an international organisation having helped countless businesses throughout the years. We profiled TOOJAYS to find out the secrets behind their remarkable success. Best Talent Development & Management Training Consultancy - Cambridgeshire Jul20131 Since their inception in 2003, TOOJAYS has rapidly expanded into one of the leading consultancy firms, which provides award-winning management, leadership and team development solutions to individuals and organisations. Today, the firm provides a unique partnership relationship to their clients’ learning and development, as well as their people management requirements. Both Lee and his hardworking team pride themselves on being able to enable and equip businesses to succeed in their future goals. TOOJAYS was born out of Lee’s disillusionment with training providers he had encountered. Their lack of flexibility and understanding of their clients’ needs convinced him that this could be done better. Taking a leap of faith, he left his own corporate role and began TOOJAYS. Initially created to provide enjoyable and relevant soft skills development courses, clients began to approach the business with more specific development and personnel issues. From here, the company was able to grow into what it known for today. Lee and the team are always looking to improve their services, but their mission has not changed since day one; that is to respect the individuality of their clients and ultimately equip and enable them to succeed for tomorrow’s achievements. As mentioned, the core values of TOOJAYS have not changed since the business was established. They value innovation and consistently searching for new ideas, products and new ways to tackle problems that will valuable to their clients. Additionally, the team are passionate about their work and want to inspire their customers to feel the same way. TOOJAYS values excellence and is committed to providing the best service they can at all times, by being honest and transparent, and acting with integrity. Finally they value teamwork, and bringing out the best in your colleagues to create the best business experience possible. Their customer centric approach to business is what sets them apart from their competitors. The company’s transparent nature means that they will not use complex jargon, but there are also no hidden fees. Instead, TOOJAYS take the time to listen to their customers, so they can fully understand their needs and wants. They also ask plenty of questions to ensure that they are on the same page, and from here the company can put together the necessary programme. The success that TOOJAYS has seen throughout the years is based on their ability to effectively utilise the strengths of their team. They are experts at what they do and the company is able to continue to deliver the quality they promote, because of their experience, knowledge, skills and capability. Lee also ensures that his team are CIPD qualified which allows them to be up to date with. The current global health crisis has meant that TOOJAYS has had to provide their programmes digitally. With more people working from home, in addition to the advancement in technological capabilities, this has been a relatively smooth transition for the company. Lee expects this trend to continue even after the pandemic has ended, as this digitisation of services has become the new normal. January 2021 will mark TOOJAYS 18th year of business. During each of those years, the team have had to adapt to a variety of different challenges and issues that have risen, which includes anything that both the economy and market place has thrown at them. Despite these challenges, the team have been able to successfully manoeuvre their way through these and as a result, remain the number one partner provider to their clients who range from multi-national organisations to SME’s and micro businesses alike. A title they will work relentlessly to retain in the years to come. Contact: Lee Martin Company: TOOJAYS Training & HR Consultancy Ltd Web Address: Today, the firm provides a unique partnership relationship to their clients’ learning and development, as well as their people management requirements.