UK Enterprise 2020

111 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Offering over ten years of experience, Harper Entertainments caters to all events, whether it be a large corporate event or an intimate gathering of friends and loved ones. Based in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland, this award-winning DJ commits himself to creating unique customer experiences in unforgettable events. As Stewart Harper celebrates further success at the UK Enterprise Awards 2020, we took a look at what it is that sets Harper Entertainments ahead of its competitors. Party Entertainers of the Year 2020 – Northern Ireland Jul20194 Having provided entertainment for some of Northern Ireland’s largest events, including the hosting of the Olympic and Paralympic Torch in Carrickfergus in 2012 and the Giro D’Italia at Titanic Belfast in 2014, it is not surprising that Harper Entertainments is able to celebrate a recent flurry of awards. Catering to events of all type and size, Harper Entertainments offers the same conscientious care and professionalism in these outstanding celebrations and large corporate events as it does for its smaller, more intimate affairs, such as weddings, birthdays and christenings. Recognising the privilege of being a part of and tailoring to the specific needs of each event, the firm has remained to its core values of professionalism, creating lasting relationships and unique customer experiences since its inception. It is this personal touch that sets Harper Entertainments apart from its competitors. Meeting with clients ahead of the event, Stewart works to carefully curate a playlist that is truly personal to each and every customer, whilst ensuring it has the biggest possible impact on an event. Having cultivated over 10 years of expertise, Harper Entertainments is well-versed in what gets the crowds up and dancing the night away! Offering positive, professional and friendly customer service, it is a genuine love for music that keeps Harper Entertainments so enthusiastic and committed to creating the best atmosphere for every event. Whilst keeping a close eye on trends in the music industry to keep his own sets current, Stewart also promotes new and aspiring artists by using his platform to help them in their own careers, contributing to the music industry in Northern Ireland and beyond. The technology employed by DJs globally has undergone major transformations over the years. Throughout the noughties, there was a shift from CD and vinyl to MP3 and other digital music file formats, the latter continuing to become more and more central to DJing in recent years. Storing music on a laptop or single device has been beneficial to DJs, as there is less equipment to carry around and set up, also making the profession more cost effective for them and their clients as a result. As streaming music becomes more popular, the legislation around public performance has also changed, and Stewart has kept up to date with all these changes, remaining adaptable and current as ever. He also employs the latest in lighting and effects technology to create the most sensational atmosphere for all events. Similar to most events companies throughout the UK, Harper Entertainments has felt the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, he has been maintaining relationships with customers and being flexible to dates and demands to ensure that once events are back up and running, he will be straight back to business. As the world adapts to the ‘new normal’, so does Harper Entertainments, who has acquired masks, screens and sanitiser so he is ready to resume business in the safest manner possible. With plans to continue growing his business, beginning with updating all his equipment in early 2021 so as to facilitate bigger outdoor events, Harper Entertainments only continues to grow from strength to strength. Thanks to his loyal clientele that spans ten years, and his present and future customers, Stewart is just as excited as we are to see where his company goes next. Company: Harper Entertainments Web Address: