UK Enterprise 2020

112 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 A little over four years ago, Kim Hunt and his business partner Dean established AIP Welding Supplies Ltd. Since then, the firm has gone from strength to strength, and has created an impressive portfolio of work. Having recently found success in SME News’ UK Enterprise Awards, we profiled AIP to discover more about the award-winning service the team effortlessly provides. Welding Equipment Retailer of the Year 2020 - South West England Jun20538 Based in Somerset, AIP is an independent industrial supplier, specialising in welding and fabrication equipment. Since inception, the firm has continuously demonstrated the passion and ability necessary in order to meet the needs of both the industry and their customers. Today, the team at AIP prides themselves on offering a high level of quality and efficient customer service. The team achieve this by following the firm’s three core values: being caring in what they do, capable in what they offer and content while they do it. At AIP, their mission is simple; to revive the knowledge and skill that the industry has slowly been losing and to rebuild the respect welders and fabricators deserve. The firm has a dedicated welding bay where each product they offer is tested to ensure that it meets necessary quality and standards their customers have come to expect. This station also allows customers the ability to try the product before they buy, so they know exactly what it is they are investing in. AIP also offers free tutoring and set up with every machine sold, meaning the customer has a full understanding of the range of settings and features the product has to offer. AIP’s ability to offer this service, especially to the next generations, is so important in raising the level of knowledge across the industry. Over the last four years, the team have been able to continuously invest and grow AIP, which has led to them becoming the supplier of choice for a wide range of companies across a multitude of sectors. These sectors include education, agriculture, motorsports, nuclear, aerospace and food production to name but a few. In addition to this, the team have also been able to set up their own range of AIP branded products, which includes welding torches, gloves, helmets, and overalls as well as clothing. Going forward, the AIP team are looking at ways to further increase their online presence, primarily through their website, to achieve this they will be employing a digital marketing apprentice from they’re local college to do so. Giving back to the community is something they do at every given opportunity, whether it be working in conjunction with local businesses or offering recommendations for people searching for work within the industry. During the current global health crisis, the team at AIP have been able to donate thousands of approved PPE units to care homes and schools in an effort to protect the residents of their community. Their donations have also helped local customer facing businesses in reopening getting them back to work safely. It is no secret that AIP is skilled at moving with the times and adapting to the changing world around them, and not just within their own industry. The firm has developed a new electronic stock control system, meaning fewer trips to customer premises, and therefore cutting down on emissions. This will also enable AIP and their customers to have complete paperless records and full traceability, including allocation of each employees use of consumables and quantities used on their allocated jobs. Additionally, this will allow the customer to budget for materials more accurately and in turn reduce waste, excessive stock levels, miss ordering and staff downtime. Contact: Kim Hunt Company: AIP Welding Supplies Ltd Web Address: