UK Enterprise 2020

113 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 the secret to their success, and the continued growth we will no doubt continue to see from Salonology over the years to come. Contact: Hollie and Ryan Power Company: Salonology Web Address: Salonology is a unique coaching resource designed to help salon owners better understand how to make an impact in the market. Established in 2014 by Hollie and Ryan Power, and rebranded twice since then, Salonology provides guides, courses and other resources on how salons of all types and sizes can achieve success. We spoke to the partners in marriage and business to find out what it is that sets this company apart from its competitors. Best Salon Industry Coaching & Development Organisation 2020: Salonology When husband and wife team Hollie and Ryan Power launched their spa in 2009, they had no industry knowledge or qualifications. However, with Hollie running the salon and Ryan operating on the marketing behind the scenes, the spa quickly achieved success, earning them multiple awards. They soon realised they could help other salon owners replicate their success, both financially and in balancing work and personal lives. The Powers believe your business is the vehicle for success, working around your life rather than the other way. So, in 2014 the couple launched Salonology, though under a different name at the time. The concept took off, and in January 2020, Hollie and Ryan sold their spa so that they were able to focus all their attention on their beauty coaching service. Numbers-driven, marketing virtuoso, Ryan and business-minded, creative Hollie work together to provide a broad perspective on how to build a salon brand. Having experienced the whole cycle of building a salon company from scratch and then selling it on, the couple are able to relate to all of their clients’ experiences and offer well-advised expertise. They are also aware of the constantly evolving nature of trends within the beauty industry and know what it takes to adapt to maintain current within it. While there are many salon coaching companies operating across the UK, none of them are quite like Salonology. Instead of operating on a one-to-one basis like many of its competitors, Salonology has created a community of salon owners, a safe space that is friendly, kind and supportive, and which now boasts 3,871 members. Salonology’s flagship offering is their Gold Club, a positive community that aims to help salon owners achieve their business and personal goals. By doing so, Hollie and Ryan are not only able to distribute valuable expert advice and resources, but also to harness the energy and shared knowledge of a community. It is not a serious, corporate operation. Hollie and Ryan engage with the community, having fun, arranging meet ups and offering a personal, welcoming experience, whilst helping salon owners to grow their businesses. Assisted by four team members, Hollie, Ryan and Maverick the Schnoodle are the faces of the organisation, interacting with clients even during the lockdown. As the salon industry was hit hard by effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, Hollie and Ryan were determined to remain a positive presence for their community. They began each morning with a motivational video for their community, offering support and some light-hearted relief as salon owners worked to keep businesses moving. The UK is now adapting to the ‘new normal’ and as salons begin to reopen their doors, Hollie and Ryan remain present as ever to aid salons as they adjust to continue operating as safely and responsible as ever. Their efforts have not gone unrecognised, and a hundred of their clients recently came together (virtually) to record a message of thanks and contribute a gift for the couple: two premium Merlin passes for the year, the perfect gift for these avid rollercoaster fans. As Hollie and Ryan put it, “they know us as well as we know them”. “We will adapt our offering to keep our clients strong in the face of adversity. Our job is to keep them feeling prepared and positive - no matter what happens - and we know we play a very important role in that for so many people. With us - they feel stronger and ready for action.” Just as the community relies on Hollie and Ryan, so too do the Powers on their clients. They are Jul20482