UK Enterprise 2020

117 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Nurses UK is an agency which provides Nursing Homes and Hospitals with experienced and fully qualified nursing professionals to assist the homes with staffing shortages. Recently, we profiled Nurses UK to discover more about the unique company and how they specialise in Nursing professionals. Nursing Recruitment Agency of the Year 2020 Since Nurses UK opened, they have adapted and melded the company to the requirements and needs of not only their clients and their residents but also for their Nursing workforce. Today, Nurses UK has over 1,000 Registered Nurses working with them, and this number is growing rapidly throughout England. Their mission is to relieve the stress of our clients as help to tackle a national Nursing shortage. Nurses UK is a specialised nursing agency. As they only recruit in one sector, so they believe their clients feel at ease using a company that has one sole focus in assisting them with their recruitment goals for Nursing. They are able to adapt and provide growth to young nursing professionals and provide them with selective trainings vastly past what is required for care settings. They work with every client and team member as an individual so that each recruitment strategy for their clients is completely unique. Nurses UK has been affected in a unique way by the Covid-19 pandemic. Their clients, nursing homes and hospitals, have been hit harder than perhaps any other industry and pressures on staffing have increased exponentially during this time. Nurses UK have been working tirelessly with their clients and teams within the homes to provide the support that they need. They are proud of each of their clients for the dedication and compassion they have shown during these trying times. Nurses UK has had to adapt their training in order to help their clients during the pandemic. They have offered additional training as well as one to one support. They have also had a 24/7 on call team available to support to nurses who are both physically and emotionally drained, including those who have had positive test results. The nursing industry has been uniquely affected and Nurses UK have adapted wonderfully to support crucial members of our Coronavirus response. Not everything about 2020 is negative for Nurses UK, however; this year marks their fifth year in operation. They have overcome every challenge of being a new business and are going from strength to strength. Roisin and her team are proud to offer a service that benefits so many people across the country, and hopes in the future they will be able to expand into other countries, helping people overseas become nurses in the UK. This will present its own set of challenges, but it is one Nurses UK are confident they can overcome. The most important thing that Nurses UK look for when they recruit for internal positions is finding someone with the tools to look after their nursing teams and clients. They have five key values which their staff adhere by, and they are the pillars of the business. Staff need to be caring, as this is at the heart of everything they do. They need to be motivated and go the extra mile for their clients. Accountability is so important at Nurses UK, honesty and transparency are very important to them. They ensure that their nursing staff act with honesty and integrity and finally they need their team to be responsive. Any issues that arise day or night need to be dealt with efficiently. The Nurses UK brand is of paramount importance to them. A lot of their business is coming to them via recommendation due to the high quality of customer service they provide. There are also plenty of positive reviews online which help to Jun20297 keep their brand flying high and the clients to carry on approaching them. Finding the right internal staff is crucial to keeping this the case. Nurses UK have had to adapt massively over the first half of this year and are still finding ways to streamline their processes. They are currently adapting their recruitment process to make it easier for nurses to apply online, whilst at the same time working within their compliance targets. Roisin plans on opening a fourth office in Bristol as well as continuing their relationships with some of the biggest healthcare groups in the country. A difficult year for Nurses UK has been highlighted by being awarded Nursing Agency of the Year 2020. It is testament to the fact that Roisin and her team have adapted to unprecedented circumstances and continued to come through on behalf of their clients and healthcare establishments across the country. Company: Nurses UK Contact: Roisin Holland Web Address: