UK Enterprise 2020

119 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Finding the perfect home care services provider can be an incredibly difficult process for any family. Ultimately, we want to give those we love the best care possible, knowing that they are happy and safe in the hands of healthcare providers. Ensuring that each client receives an exceptional service is the award-winning team at ihi care services. We profiled ihi care to discover how they established a reputation as being the best elderly home care services provider for 2020. Best Elderly Home Care Services Provider 2020 Following the passing of his parents, Arif Daya founded ihi care services, a home care provider. Prior to their passing, both of Arif’s parents were receiving care from another provider, however the quality was poor, calls were continuously missed and sadly the management seemed to care very little when contacted. Not wanting any other families to experience and receive the inadequate care his parents went through, Arif also wanted to give back to the local community. During this time, Arif was the owner of a successful accountancy practice, a career which was financially rewarding but did very little for his soul. In 2012, he made the executive decision to sell the accountancy practice and start ihi care services. Today, ihi care looks after each and every one of their clients in the same way they would want their own parents to be looked after. By going above and beyond to provide care in an empathetic manner, the business communicates frequently with their clients, sending a newsletter to keep them updated with any changes or news about ihi care. During the current pandemic, ihi care have been writing to all of their clients to reassure them that the team are there for them and, most importantly, they will not be left without care. At the beginning of the lockdown, ihi care shared their contingency planning with all their clients so they were aware of what steps they may have to take. As for the staff, the business communicated with all team members and supported them through the height of the COVID pandemic in March and April. Like all other small businesses in the UK, ihi care received a COVID disruption grant of £10K. Arif decided that the staff deserved this the most for the professionalism they have displayed in dealing with the pandemic, and continuing to provide care to the best of their abilities. Due to the resilience, devotion and wonderful work the team have provided, Arif distributed the grant amongst the staff. As the UK begins to adapt to this new way of living, ihi care hopes to try and grow the business organically where possible, ensuring that they do not expand too hastily and put the quality of care they pride themselves on providing at risk. Helping them to grow, is the talented team which ihi care deeply about. Staff retention and training is at the forefront of their thinking. For instance, the management staff are always encouraged to grow their roles and expand their qualifications. Ultimately, the future looks bright for the team at ihi care as they continue to deliver the extraordinary level of care to each and every one of their clients, Jul20118 allowing their families to relax knowing their loved ones are in award-winning care. Company: ihi care services Contact: Arif Daya Web Address: