UK Enterprise 2020

12 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 creating the perfect garden, and many others, Your Golden Garden justifies its marginally higher cost by doing things that others in the industry will not. The outdoor features that Your Golden Garden also offers are another unique facet of its service. As far as the competition goes, there simply isn’t any. The firm has not found any other local landscaping company offering outdoor living features as it does, and has already cornered the market in delivering outstanding features that can really add character and personalisation to a garden space. Your Golden Garden is definitely the best option for the clients who want to create their garden space only once, and have it done to an exceptionally high standard whilst being in complete accordance with the house, lifestyle, and family. Understanding the importance of creating a perfect outdoor space that aligns with all of those life aspects is something that Your Golden Garden truly understands, and helps its clients to see too. Landscape gardening, much like many other industries, is subject to trends and changes that come with shifting client requirements and desires. One of the biggest and most obvious changes has been the impact of COVID-19 on clients welcoming landscape gardeners to their home or place of work. Some are worried about the financial situation in general, and having a more limited budget due to be placed on furlough, or worse. However, there are other clients who have realized that now is the time to take stock and have work done on the garden space. Clients have invested their money into getting Your Golden Garden on board to maximize their outdoor space make the current restrictions easier to deal with. In terms of the landscaping choices themselves, more and more clients are beginning to replace their decking for paving, or composite decking. Paving may be the preferential choice, but the team at Your Golden Garden is more than well- equipped to handle any project requirements that a client could send their way. Many homes in the United Kingdom have the benefit of large gardens, and many people want to make the most of the British weather to transform their garden spaces into whatever they want. When enlisting the services of Your Golden Garden, clients can rest assured that the firm will make the most of every opportunity to complete an amazing project and design that far exceeds the client’s expectations. As a firm that focuses as much on its staff as it does on its clients, Your Golden Garden has an internal culture that is just as exceptional as its outward-facing service. Every member of staff working at the firm is made to feel encouraged, supported and, perhaps most importantly during this COVID-19 pandemic, safe during their work. All staff are equipped with the latest and greatest in equipment, including personal protective equipment, machinery, tools, and whatever else they need. Your Golden Garden ensures that it partners with only the best brands to guarantee perfect results. Since Your Golden Garden was established, there has been a noticeably large impact to clients and their gardens in a very short period of time. Many clients have found themselves extremely happy with the final results of their garden space, and are often impressed and surprised about what the firm has to offer. From the professional and technical site survey, to the outstandingly beautiful final results, Your Golden Garden is the best in the business. As it continues to grow and expand, that desire to do right by the client will only get stronger, and its success will only get greater. Company: Your Golden Garden Ltd Contact: Judith Pares Website: At Your Golden Garden, the firm strives tirelessly to give each and every client a fantastic experience of having their garden area landscaped. It begins prior to any work commencing, with personal one-to- one meetings taking place where the team can really get a proper feel for how a space should look, according to the client.