UK Enterprise 2020

125 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Securetronics is a modern retailer, manufacturer and distributor of commercial security products. Specialising in CCTV, Securetronics also offers alarms, access control and other security accessories. With clients stretching across Europe, both small and large companies form the private and public sectors, we profiled this successful business to discover more about the vast range of services Securetronics has to offer. Best Online Security Products Retailer 2020 Jun20343 Since their inception, Securetronics have based their business on their simple core values; which is to be able to offer the highest quality products possible at a price that is accessible for all. Today, the firm aims to provide all of their customers with the best service and, with over an impressive 100 years of combined industry experience, they deliver expert knowledge and advice. As a result, Securetronics have accumulated many repeat customers as they know the firm will not let them down. One of the secrets behind the firm’s extraordinary success, is that they are able to offer great value on their products due to the volume in which they purchase them. By doing this, it enables Securetronics to pass these savings onto their customers, meaning they can often be the cheapest supplier of security products. However, it must be emphasised that you should not think that this saving means that the firm are cutting corners elsewhere. Another reason for Securetronics success is their ability to offer free delivery on every product, and also provide next day delivery on orders which are placed after 5pm. Over the years, Securetronics has established strong partnerships with other manufacturers and distributors. These partnerships have enabled them to be well placed to consistently stay up to date with the latest technology changes and trends within the industry. Despite only being an online store, there is always someone available to speak to on the phone, answering any queries that customers may have. Achieving high levels of customer satisfaction is something that is very important to the business. It is no secret that the team at Securetronics play a significant part in the firm’s overall success. Securetronics works hard to ensure that each member of staff is up to date with the changes that happen in the industry. There is a great level of trust in the staff as everyone is able to have an input on new products – the firm believe it is important that their teams’ opinions on heard. As a result of this, the staff are passionate about what they are selling and this is reflected in the quality of the service they provide. Securetronics always encourage their customers to get in touch with them if they are unable to see a certain product on their website, as the staff there will be more than happy to assist. Securetronics has a sister company in Europe which installs and maintains the same products that the firm stocks and sells, and they have proven to be a fantastic resource to have. Sharing their knowledge, Securetronics have a wealth of resources when it comes to knowing their products and how to troubleshoot them. This also enables them to talk honestly about products because they know each and every one of them so well. Additionally, they can advise on problems, recommend new products and send out one of their engineers to carry out works if necessary. Since the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the business world, Securetronics have remained busy during such unprecedented times. They noticed a greater demand for non-touch products, such as handsfree key fobs for door entry and no touch press to exit switches for access control doors. Their industry knowledge has been invaluable during this time. Another increase in demand that they have seen has been for thermal imaging cameras, in order for companies to measure body temperature of staff as they enter work. This has been just one of the many solutions they have been able to recommend to businesses, as well as other types of screening products used at factories and warehouses. Overall, the wealth of knowledge on their products as well as their dedication to providing customer satisfaction, are key factors in the ongoing success of Securetronics. As such, it is no surprise that the firm is truly deserving of being titled the Best Online Security Products Retailer 2020. Company: Securetronics Contact: John Garnett Web Address: