UK Enterprise 2020

127 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Badgerswood Boarding Kennels and Cattery is a luxury 5* pet accommodation based in the beautiful countryside in Lancashire. Throughout the years, this family owned business has received a number of accolades and countless positive reviews from pet owners. As such, we profiled Badgerswood to discover the secrets behind their remarkable success. Best Boarding Kennels & Cattery - Lancashire Run by mother and daughter duo Eunice and Katie Draper, the caring and dedicated pair absolutely adore animals. The dynamic duo do not see what they do as a job, since they genuinely enjoy their work and consider it a privilege to look after other people’s pets whilst they are away. At Badgerswood, not only do they care for cats and dogs, but they also look after smaller animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters. As well as being full insured and licensed, the business is a member of the UK Kennel and Cattery Association, which means pet owners can be certain that their animals are in safe hands when they are looked after by Eunice and Katie. All of the animal houses have been built above and beyond the standard recommendations, to ensure maximum comfort is provided for all of Badgerswood’s residents. Both Eunice and Katie refuse to compromise on quality, and so all of the kennels and cattery have been built to be insulated, conformable and hygienic. The kennels and cattery are disinfected thoroughly between each boarder, with Eunice and Katie using pet safe disinfectant and chemicals to do so. The duo’s primary concern is the overall safety and wellbeing of all of their guests, which is why they a CCTV camera installed as well as a member of the team sleeping in the bedroom that is set up near the reception. This is just to give everyone peace of mind that their animal is safe and secure whilst they stay at Badgerswood. If all of this wasn’t impressive enough, Badgerswood also offers a trial day, where a clients’ animal can get to know Eunice and Katie and its new surroundings. This can make the transition easier for the animal as it will already be familiar with the surroundings. Badgerswood stocks a variety of different foods so they can keep animals on the same foods they eat at home; it’s very important to try and minimise the disruption to an animal’s routine. All dogs are taken out of the kennels twice a day to exercise and are taken out individually, but they are never mixed together. All exercise takes places on Badgerswood’s private grounds, or in a fenced playpen where they can run around with the lead off. In addition to getting the right amount of exercise every day, they also ensure that both dogs and cats are groomed daily. Toys are also given to them in order to keep them entertained and stimulated. In recent years, Badgerswood has been featured in local press, being described as one of the top boarding kennels and cattery in the areas. This bold claim is supported by the overwhelming number of positive reviews about the business Jun20277 online. A significant amount of the reviews mention the cleanliness of the facilities, as well as the level of care and attention provided to the animals. Ultimately, Eunice and Katie have a fantastic operation and they are deserving of being named as Best Boarding Kennels & Cattery – Lancashire. Company: Badgerswood Boarding Kennels & Cattery Web Address: