UK Enterprise 2020

130 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Eliminating monthly fees, bank charges or cashflow concerns when accepting card payments, myPOS helps small and micro businesses in Europe grow through affordable payments technology. We profile the firm to find out a little more about their success they have had over the years and how they established a reputation as the best SME omnichannel payments platform. Best SME Omnichannel Payments Platform 2020 Jun20379 Officially launched at the MWC Barcelona in February 2014, myPOS is a business-in-a-box solution, which includes a package of instruments to accept and manage payments. Focused on fulfilling their core values of being dynamic, innovative, collaborative, inclusive and scalable, myPOS caters to the needs of business professionals with an omni-channel solution which very few companies in the fintech industry offer. For instance, every merchant, regardless how big or small, can have access to payments technology, which enables them to receive card payments in person, online and over the phone as well as to access and manage their funds through the myPOS online account, mobile app and the free Visa business card included in the package. Since their inception, myPOS has remained one of the only payments provider to offer instant pay-out of all acquired payments at no additional cost. For small businesses, which constitute more than 90% of any economy, access to cash is one of the most distinct needs as it enables them to pay their commercial expenses and reinvest in the business. Prior to myPOS, businesses used to wait for days to receive their money through the bank and, as a result, many businesses chose to accept only cash. Thanks to solutions like myPOS, this is no longer an issue. It is no surprise that the appearance of Covid-19 caused major disruption to the markets globally. As a result, a great number of small businesses have reduced their operations and are looking for ways to continue being functional. Being a payments service provider, myPOS is helping businesses by increasing the awareness about alternative, not-so-popular but affordable ways of accepting online payments, without any upfront investment and even without an online store. Alongside this, the team are also adding additional tools for cashflow management to help businesses stay afloat by continuously offering their products and services, such as branded gift cards, online invoicing, and premium Visa business cards. Whilst the pandemic paused a number of businesses’ growth, myPOS lined up several new products which they will launch in the near future. Recently, the firm introduced a new category of devices to their portfolio of POS machines – the myPOS Hub and myPOS Hub+, powerful and elegant countertop POS systems, suitable for the retail and restaurant businesses. In addition to this, myPOS has recently launched a new range of Visa Platinum cards as part of their business cards offering, which present more benefits and privileges to merchants who use them. The myPOS Visa Platinum Metal card is one of the first metal cards for businesses in Europe. As an established brand with thousands of merchants in Europe, myPOS is consistently keeping an Excellent Trustpilot score thanks to the numerous positive reviews provided by their loyal client base. With a number of accolades safely secured under their belt, myPOS’ continuous efforts and proven results are key factors in why they were recognised as the Best SME Omnichannel Payments Platform 2020, a title they truly deserve. Company: myPOS Contact: Irina Stefanova Email: Web Address: