UK Enterprise 2020

132 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 When it comes to the world of celebrity lifestyles and styling, there is no better guide than Natalie Robinson, aka Style Icon Nat. Since 2005, she’s been inspiring people to reach their fullest potential. Now, fifteen years later, she’s being recognised for her success in SME’s UK Enterprise Awards 2020. We caught up with Natalie to find out more about her incredible journey. Most Innovative Celebrity Stylist & Lifestyle Writer 2020 Jun20236 There aren’t many people who can lay claim to such amazing success in the styling industry, but Natalie Robinson stands head and shoulders above the competition. She boasts years of experience, an exceptional social media presence and a loyal audience of over 50K that is constantly growing. Of course, Natalie started out as a celebrity stylist, founding her personal shopping company Style Icon Ltd in 2005. We asked her if she could explain more about her approach to this part of her life. “As a celebrity stylist, I get to the root of what my clients’ want in terms of their desired look or style,” she told us. “I take my clients on a journey from beginning to end to ensure they feel confident and happy in their own skin as well as clothes. Furthermore, I ensure my clients dress for their body shape after extensive research into trends and by building upon my product knowledge.” Of course, any industry goes through high and low business, and it was during one of these low points where Natalie turned to other creative outlets. Coming from an academic background of politics, literature and theatre, we found creative writing a welcome respite. “I would write about the events I attended,” she reminisces. “What commenced as a hobby then transitioned into a business. After a while, brands contacted me to ask if I would review their products and services. This led to gifted and paid collaborations until I officially launched my blog - The Lifestyle Collective - at Tramp Members’ Club, Jermyn Street in 2017.” The Lifestyle Collective has gone from strength to strength in the last three years and can be found at @styleiconnat on Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. The blog that started it all has been ranked #1 of lifestyle blogs to visit for diverse tips and recommendations on Ezvid Wiki, based in Los Angeles. The name of Style Icon Nat has become renowned across the world, recognised in London, Italy and the United States as one of the leading blogs of its type. We wondered what guides her decision making on this outlet. “As a lifestyle writer, the synergy between me and any brand with whom I collaborate is imperative,” Natalie explains. “I provide honest commentary and constructive criticism, when necessary, as my audience refers to my blog for recommendations, reliable information and diverse tips.” Through the years, Natalie has been proud to collaborate with many influential luxury lifestyle brands such as Chestertons Polo in the Park, Formula One, Supercar Owners Club, The Boodles, Harley Street Skin Clinic and Bioderma, to name just a few. Being based in London has opened so many doors to Natalie, as it is an international hub of upbeat fashion, culture and diversity. Fashion, art and music from every background are placed into the melting pot in a place where self-expression is celebrated highly. With such success in blogging and styling, it’s little surprise that Natalie is already looking to new ventures through which she can flourish. “I have launched a new range of organic cotton and hemp t-shirts - Shades & Coffee. This brand has been in the making for about 1 year. Thanks to lockdown, I have dedicated more time to it hence the collection is now available on Shades and Coffee is an eco-friendly clothing brand which represents Natalie’s appreciation of the simple things in life. Shades make us look good and coffee makes us feel good. Everybody needs a daily dose of stylish shades (sunglasses) and a cup of coffee in the morning to kickstart their day #lookgoodfeelgood. With products manufactured under “sweatshop free” conditions and committed to fair trade clothing production standards, it’s another sure-fire hit for Natalie’s business ventures. The social media handles for this new line are on Instagram and @officialshadesandcoffee on Facebook. Looking more closely at Natalie and her various outlets for creative work has been incredibly inspiring, with her determined and active approach to business one which can be replicated by anybody. Not everyone can be a celebrity, but through Natalie, anyone can feel like they are. Company: Style Icon Ltd Name: Natalie Robinson Web Address: