UK Enterprise 2020

133 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Nano-3D are specialists in the development of 3D printer filaments and pellets that have been modified by nanotechnology additives. Offering a range of 3D printing materials, 3D printing service and laser cutting and CAD/CAM production, this company has ambitious plans to create tomorrow’s advanced materials today. Leaders in 3D Printer Filament Development 2020 “Creative adaptability is the key to successful innovation”. Clive Wilcox, founder of Nano-3D Ltd, has employed this mantra throughout almost a decade of developing 3D printer filaments and pellets that have been modified by the addition of nanotechnology. In 2011, the firm, then called Filament Print, began manufacturing standard ABS and PLA filaments for the 3D print industry, and within a few years were producing an excellent range of filaments in twenty-seven colours. Soon, their materials were being used by large global distributors and 3D printer manufacturers. However, with an extensive knowledge of the polymer and additives sector and established contacts within the nanotech industry, it made sense for Wilcox and his organisation to change their focus to the research and development of nanotechnology enhanced materials of the future. In 2013, Nano-3D saw their latest research and development come to fruition in the form of a completely new Masterbatch using a PLA and Graphene blend. This offered one of the earliest commercially available nanotechnology enhanced 3D filaments in the world, and since then Nano-3D have proudly built up the Masterbatch range to five different bases with different nanotechnology fillers. This has enabled the production of eleven variants of Masterbatch to date. Currently, Nano-3D’s range of nanotechnology offers twelves filaments, including Graphene (GNPs), Boron Nitride (hBN), Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and Carbon C60 (Buckyballs). The firm has also established relationships unique to the market with Fullerex, the Nano Broker, and with most of the manufacturers and chemical companies involved in the 3D print industry. The Worcestershire-based firm is only continuing to develop. With a mission to design and manufacture a range of 3D Printable Nanotech enhanced PLAs, Polyolefins, HIPS, ABS, PETG, as well as developing other materials including Nylons, Nano-3D are continuing to expand into other materials. They are also motivated to provide fast, reliable prototype service in 3D Printing Materials, 3D Printing Service and Laser Cutting and CAD/CAM Production, all based in the Three Counties Area. Alongside cultivating new materials, Nano-3D is also developing new SLS technology for a serious office entry-level 3D printer that will use Nano based materials, which will be a game-changer for inhouse prototyping and production technology. Looking further ahead, Wilcox believes there will be a higher demand for more exotic materials, which will almost certainly be based on nanotechnology. As the UK is one of the leaders in this type of technology, having been the birthplace of Graphene, Nano-3D are well placed to answer this demand. Aug20275 In addition, situated in the foothills of the Malverns in Worcestershire, the firm is able to take advantage of the excellent Science Park resources and the talented members of the BetaDen incubator hub. As 3D Printer technology only continues to develop, we have no doubt that Nano-3D will rise to the occasion, leading the industry in research and development of nanotechnology. Company: Nano-3D Ltd Contact: Clive Wilcox Web Address: