UK Enterprise 2020

135 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Solar Select is a small family business that has had a big impact on the way that households view solar energy and the panels which generate it. Based in the English county of Worcestershire, the firm has travelled the length and breadth of the country to provide clients everywhere with green energy and renewable solutions. We find out how this company has built its reputation on trust, reliability, and honesty, and why it has been so successful in providing a quality, hassle-free, value-for-money service to every client. Best Solar Panels Installations Company - England & Wales Solar power has become one of the most common forms of public and private renewable energy, with many individuals choosing to invest in rooftop panels that can convert sunlight into clean and green energy. Solar Select is a firm that believes as much in the mission of renewable energy, as it does in providing a personal service to the client, from the initial enquiry, to installation, and the aftercare service. Clients range from the private domestic sector, to those in social housing and commercial sectors. What Solar Select offers is solar photovoltaic installations that are complimented with battery storage solutions for both the private and commercial sector, along with a breakdown and repair service for those photovoltaic panels. It is a big investment, getting into clean and renewable energy with photovoltaic panels that can convert sunlight. That is why Solar Select goes above and beyond to provide the best possible customer service and maximum peace of mind. Assurances like the ones that the firm makes are perfect for ensuring that the customer knows they have chosen wisely for their renewable installation. This particular feat of customer service is very noticeable in the amount of referral enquiries that often come through on the back of satisfied customers who are happy with their own photovoltaic panels from Solar Select. The technology surrounding solar power and its various applications is always shifting, and the trends within the industry are also in a state of flux. At the moment, those trends are showing inclinations towards battery storage, with the technology there being very fluid and constantly evolving thanks to the next up and coming area being energy storage solutions. Suppliers such as Octopus are pushing the boundaries in this sector, and companies such as Solar Select are working in conjunction with Octopus to get these boundary-pushing innovations to the clients who want them the most. Solar Select believes in the personal touch and always going the extra mile for the customers. That is why there is such a big emphasis placed on staff training, and the necessity to be polite and courteous at all times. Clients are always treated with respect, and how they themselves would like to be treated. Every single operative that works for Solar Select is issued with corporate clothing to both promote the brand and give the customer a good initial impression when arriving onsite to carry out an installation. However, there have been challenges that Solar Select have had to face, not least with the COVID-19 pandemic still lurking unseen. The renewable sector is a huge market to explore with solar power and battery storage, but there have been questions about how to do installations safely because of the virus. In the meantime, the team at Solar Select have been exploring various innovations in grid share technology and smart technology around how to view, adjust, and control solar power. These are exciting times for businesses within this sector, Jul20121 and for the younger generations who are looking for a career in this field. Ultimately, Solar Select prides itself on its ability to bring a clean, green, and renewable energy source to so many people in England and Wales. Though the countries are not the most famous for their sunshine, this source of energy is one that many people are looking to and is superb within the renewable space. As more and more people seek to be a part of the renewable energy sector, be it as an employee or as a customer, the need for Solar Select to keep providing expert service is vital. Company: Solar Select Contact: Terry Hayward Website: