UK Enterprise 2020

136 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Established in 2015, Donovan Hair and Beauty are leading experts in colour correction and creative hair colour. Over the past five years, Donovan has evolved, doubling in size as it expands into more beauty treatments and men’s haircare, picking up plenty of prizes along the way. We spoke to Salon Director, Tina Donovan, to find out how she has successfully grown this Leicester-based hair salon. Best Hair & Beauty Salon – Leicester Aug20087 Donovan Hair and Beauty Salon, based in Leicester, United Kingdom, was established in 2015 by Tina Donovan as a salon specialising in colour correction and leading trends for creative colour. Since then, the company has doubled in size, offering wedding hair and session styling, men’s grooming and an extensive portfolio of beauty treatments to clients. When Tina began the salon, she started Donovan with the primary intention of offering customers the very best hair styling experience, by beginning each treatment with a full consultation to get to know the client and how they want their hair to look and make them feel. The personalised ‘Be You’ consultation creates a unique experience that is tailored to clients’ needs and enables the team at Donovan to commit to their promise to make clients feel good. Tina states, ‘We are passionate about what we do because we love to listen’. By using the extended consultation times to listen, hear and advise on what looks good and will also be possible to achieve and maintain at home, Donovan has established themselves as a personalised and professional hair salon. This award-winning salon owes a lot of its success to the team, which, according to Tina, has the feel of one big, happy family. When recruiting new staff, experience is second in the attributes sought, whereas a good attitude, fun personality and a passion to learn is essential. Training is hugely important for Tina and each member of her team is sent out to be trained by leading hair stylists. The training continues throughout the year, with regular one-on-one meetings to discuss how each team member is improving and working towards their goals. Three of the team began their careers with Donovan at just fifteen years old and have grown and developed to become vital components of the team. This supportive and friendly team creates an environment of professionalism and cordiality that radiates through the Donovan brand and guarantees customers exceptional service and hair care. This year, the team at Donovan have noticed an increased demand for shorter hairstyles such as pixie cuts, textured bobs, modern shag haircuts and braids, as well as warmer golden colours, bright vivid and pastel colours. As many clients have had to wait a long time since their last haircuts as a result of lockdown, they are now ready for some dramatic changes, while others have enjoyed the time to grow their hair out and are now looking to maintain their length. Tina considers herself very fortunate that business continues to thrive following the pandemic and for her, the key to longevity will be constant innovation. Being based in the UK, one of the leading regions for creativity and overall standards within the global haircare industry, allows Donovan to keep up to date with cutting edge trends and technology in the hair industry. As the salon reopens, this means adjusting to nationwide regulations on salons so that all customers are able to continue having a relaxing treatment with a guarantee of safety. Whilst the waiting area is a lot more clinical these days and the posh teas and coffees that are a customer favourite have had to be put on hold, customers continue to give highly positive feedback as a result of the conscientious care being taken to ensure high levels of hygiene and safety. PPE has been issued to all staff and screens have been added to ensure protection and social distancing in accordance with government guidelines. Most notable has been Donovan’s continued efforts even when the salon doors were closed. Tina and her team recognise that for some clients who live on their own, a trip to the salon was a welcome excursion and an opportunity to engage with other people. Therefore, the team at Donovan remained in contact with their clients to ensure they were staying healthy and happy as far as possible throughout the lockdown. It is this exceptional customer care that will ensure the longevity and continued growth of this award-winning salon. Company: Donovan Hair and Beauty Contact: Tina Donovan Web address: