UK Enterprise 2020

140 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Best UK Community Interest Company 2020 NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming – empowers, enables and teaches us to better understand the way our brain (neuro) processes the words we use (linguistic) and how that can impact on our past, present and future (programming). NLP can transform the way we live, opening exciting possibilities that we couldn’t have dreamed of before. Raising awareness of this are the team at ANLP International CIC. We profile the company to find out more. Jun20239 When Karen Falconer heard about NLP, she thought she’d give it a go. “NLP changed my life,” she says. “Initially, it was just curiosity. A friend told me that NLP was one of the things that had stuck with them, so I thought I’d give it a go.” Her life changed dramatically. Now, she is the organisation’s CEO, representing the system that changed her life by working with ANLP Members around the world who deliver professional NLP services. Her story is inspiring but far from unique. NLP has been a transformative element for many. ANLP or the Association for NLP, has been around for many years. Under the leadership of Karen, the team have been able to provide a service that not only support members of the association but acts as an introduction to the world of NLP for the general public. As a Community Interest Company, ANLP has no connection with any specific NLP training organisation. Its purpose is to provide unbiased and independent advice in a rapidly growing field. With ANLP setting a quality standard for members across this field, NLP has managed to maintain high standards of best practice for members to their many clients. The benefit of ANLP to the public is an assurance that ANLP members work within a strict self-regulated structure when they practice. The depth of the company’s membership means that the team have access to an impressive range of information and are often called upon to advise and assist with media enquiries. Representing the community at large is a major part of what the team does. Delivering these quality services is by no means a straightforward job, however, and the team holds strong values close to their hearts. Ensuring that every decision made is Ethical, Professional, Integrity and Credible is far from easy in any job but it is a guiding light to this organisation. With wellbeing taking a more important role in the workplace, it’s easy to see how NLP has a major role to play. The drive towards this has seen a demand for professional services that can provide strategies for wellbeing. With the outbreak of COVID-19, this urgency has not gone away. Many employees are in new and troubling circumstances, struggling to maintain balance in a changing and changed world. NLP, therefore, is the ideal solution. It brings with it many tools and strategies that are designed to help people in a practical way. Needless to say, the team have taken the initiative and been incredibly proactive in helping keyworkers amongst others. The ANLP team are all home-based, meaning that the lockdown had very little impact on their operations. Technological solutions were already in place, understood and active. The team are currently working with many different organisations to offer NLP as a way forward. Wellbeing support is currently being offered to local government, public health bodies and Mind BLMK (the mental health charity) amongst others. The team currently organise and run the Annual NLP International Conference. This event has often attracted respected presenters and delegates from all over the world. For the last three years, London has been the venue for this conference, but 2021 will see it go virtual for the first time. This, it is hoped, will be the most accessible and largest NLP Conference to date. In all, ANLP has gone from strength to strength over the years. It has acted as the first port of call for those who want to take control of their thoughts, beliefs and actions. With wellbeing taking a more important role in today’s society, it’s clear that ANLP will be playing a vital part for years to come. Company: ANLP International CIC Name: Karen Falconer Web Address: Under the leadership of Karen, the team have been able to provide a service that not only support members of the association but acts as an introduction to the world of NLP for the general public.