UK Enterprise 2020

143 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 For many, the numbers on the weighing scales are considered the only indicator of good health. Whilst they do count, they are only a small part in the overall picture of someone’s health. There are a number of vital metrics which can provide a more holistic view of our health. Looking for a change and a way to provide more of an insight into a person’s health, Owen Hutchins founded My Vital Metrics. Today, the business is recognised nationally for the detailed results it provides. We profiled My Vital Metrics to discover more about how it earned the title best for fitness and body composition assessments. Best for Fitness & Body Composition Assessments 2020 - London Jul20634 In the late 90s, Owen Hutchins came to understand the need for more detailed information regarding measuring health, whilst he was working as a personal trainer. During this time, the only thing that was readily available to inform you of body fat was the pinch test. Almost two decades later, on a mission to develop a better understanding, Owen discovered that regular DEXA scans could provide even more information on the changes that were happening on the inside. It could help a person to answer questions about if there were alternative ways to help them reach their end goal, or if the most recent change in a diet was having the desired effect. This is where My Vital Metrics comes in. My Vital Metrics focuses on using the best science that is available to allow their clients to receive a completely personal view of their current health, providing them with the opportunity to construct meaningful goals which are tailored to them and their unique physiology. With a vast range of services available, My Vital Metrics provides clients with a clear and objective view of their outside, the aesthetic and also their external measurements through their 3D Body Map. For example, the DEXA Scanning service will give clients a view into what is happening inside of their bodies, measuring all the way down to the gram of muscle, fat and bone that they have, as well as pinpointing where it is and what this could mean about the goals they have set. Through this same service, Owen is able to look at the levels of Visceral fat a person has, and its implications for their long term health. Additionally, there is also the Resting Metabolic Rate service which ditches the tables and averages that many use, and measures the number of calories a person is expanding directly, allowing them to accurately set their diets accordingly, and answer the question of whether they have a fast or slow metabolism. Last but not least, is the VO2Max test is the ultimate test of fitness, which measures how much oxygen their body can process and what fuels a person is using at different intensities. All of the equipment and expertise that My Vital Metrics provides is rarely found outside of universities and research institutions. Some of their more advanced competitors offer one service, such as the DEXA scan, however they do not provide the holistic view of a person’s physiology and an action plan, which My Vital Metrics does. Neither do they provide services which take into consideration a person’s aesthetic view of their bodies as well. As the UK market for fitness continues to expand, awareness of health issues in particular around obesity is at an all-time-high. The COVID crisis has cast a light on obesity and its health effects. One of the best ways for people to truly understand what is happening inside of their bodies is through using My Vital Metrics services. Looking ahead, Owen has some big plans in store for My Vital Metrics. Before the end of what has been a crazy year, My Vital Metrics will be launching their customer portal to allow clients to view their scans and tests online, with an easily readable and understandable action plan. The plans don’t stop there, Owen is also planning to expand the business both within London and to the rest of the UK. Watch out, My Vital Metrics Ltd may be coming to a town near you! Company: My Vital Metrics Ltd Contact: Owen Hutchins Web Address: