UK Enterprise 2020

147 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Not everyone likes going to the dentist. For those who find themselves feeling increasingly anxious at the thought, it pays to find a dental clinic that makes you feel at ease. For the team at Appledore Dental Clinic, this thought process is first and foremost, offering a full range of treatments to their clients. We take a closer look to find out more. Dental Practice of the Year 2020 - Milton Keynes Under the steadfast leadership of Dr Teresa Day, Appledore has gone from strength to strength over the years. Clients who attend receive a gentle, personalised approach with a full range of treatments for all ages within the family. The team always ensure that patients are treated as they would like to be treated themselves, namely with kindness, care and respect. The team at Appledore has always prided itself on the incredible array of services that it can offer to its patients from those all-important check- ups and hygiene visits to general dentistry and advanced dental treatments. Teeth straightening (orthodontics) for children and adults, including early interceptive orthodontic treatment to eliminate the need for extractions, is one of the most popular services that the team provides, alongside dental implants to replace your missing teeth, teeth whitening and tooth coloured fillings. All of these services go a long way to ensuring that clients leave the surgery with the best possible advertisement of their business: a charming and healthy smile. The Appledore hygienist helps to ensure that clients maintain optimum dental health. Children have their own specific treatment as their needs are slightly different from their parents. As children can come with their own sets of challenges, a specialised therapist is on hand to provide support throughout. Being patient focused has been the key to the success of this dental clinic. Each client is treated as an individual, with their own specific sets of needs. For those who attend, it is like visiting family and word of mouth has been a great aid to business. The effects of COVID-19 have made this approach increasingly obvious, with the UK dental governing body encouraging dentists to lock down and only provide antibiotics. The team made the decision that they knew their patients well and would rather see them in an emergency. This has meant that the team has remained in contact with many patients, albeit in a reduced capacity. One of the positives to come out of the Covid Crisis, is how Appledore has embraced the practice of online consultations. This has worked well for everyone, and patients have enthusiastically taken advantage of these free video consults as a first stage in discussing their dental issues, or to pose questions about treatment they require or would like. Appledore’s agility in using technology in this way has saved everyone a great deal of time and trouble. By having these discussions out of the clinic and before any treatment begins, a clearer vision of timings and impact can be made. It also means that a patient knows in advance if they are suitable for particular types of treatment and to discuss alternatives that are available for them if not. As lockdown restrictions begin to ease and the UK takes the slow steps back to normality, Appledore has decided to use this reduced working time efficiently and to undertake a refurbishment. The refurb will give the clinic an updated and fresh look. You can find out more about their plans as they unfold by going online to or to their Facebook page at Jun20274 The team at Appledore are honed to perfection. They bring new members of staff in for a day at Appledore as part of their interview process. This gives everyone an idea if they’ll fit in well. Clinicians are obviously employed for their qualifications and experience, but they too have to feel comfortable within the team. This makes Appledore a more enjoyable experience all round and patients are made to feel like family. Excellent dentistry is an art in itself and Appledore has managed to achieve this primarily through the use of exceptional customer service and patient focus. Many would agree that putting people first has allowed the Appledore team to achieve truly astonishing results. Company: Appledore Dental Clinic Name: Dr Teresa Day Web Address: Telephone Number: 01908 230209