UK Enterprise 2020

149 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Rohini Rathour helps visionary CXOs lead courageously. Bringing to her business and life coaching two decades of business experience, Rohini helps leaders become more self-aware, deepen self-belief and exercise self-control in all their actions. As she celebrates success at the UK Enterprise Awards 2020, we spoke with Rohini to find out more. Best Leadership Coach & Mentor 2020: Rohini Rathour Rohini believes that our world needs leaders who can enlist others in a vision for the collective greater good, and who wield their power lightly to empower others. Her intention is to help visionary CXOs lead courageously in building a legacy, creating something that has value beyond personal gain. Her clients are people who want to help themselves, recognising that they are their own most valuable asset. To them time, not money, is their most precious resource. At first Rohini coached anyone who wanted to become a leader in their own life by taking ownership of their choices and actions. Over time she chose to focus on business leaders and C-Suite executives, coaching those who have authority to lead to become more compassionate leaders who could transform their organisation. Rohini’s core business values centre around the abundance model and responsible capitalism. Doing the right things and doing them well are at the heart of sustainable, long-term economic success and stakeholder engagement. On a more personal level, Rohini’s vision is to help individuals create a life that is full of joy, purpose and fulfilment. Affirming the message of each client’s uniqueness, capabilities and opportunities, Rohini maintains professionalism as well as affability. Rohini combines these attributes with business expertise garnered over two decades of work as a professional investor and equity analyst at a London-based wealth management firm. At the time of her early retirement, she was responsible for the investment performance of GBP 2 billion of clients’ assets. Rohini’s quest for simplicity, jargon-free narrative and use of stories and analogies belie her extensive knowledge and experience. She excels at creating a safe space in which conversation flows and valuable insights are gained. A single conversation with Rohini can be enough to change how someone views themselves and the possibilities open to them. As she says, “No true change ever happened in the absence of a powerful connection and conversation.” COVID-19 has presented an opportunity for transformative change in the world, in which businesses and leaders are looking back at how things once were and considering what they might now become. This can be a difficult and confusing time; Rohini can help clients to become focused on the one thing they can control: themselves. By acknowledging their own unique attributes and embracing possibilities, Rohini helps clients to feel more empowered in these uncertain times. She has also identified a shift from ‘doing’ to ‘being’. The seismic disruption is an opportunity for businesses to become more responsible and lead with greater compassion. Operating digitally and remotely has been a growing trend during lockdown. Rohini has always done most of her coaching online, including webinars, blogs and video content. Aug20267 Keep up to date with the developments of this exciting young business by subscribing to emails on her website and following her on social media via Facebook or LinkedIn. Company: Rohini Rathour - Business and Life Coaching Email Address: Web Address: LinkedInwww Facebook: RohiniRathourLeadingLadies