UK Enterprise 2020

156 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Jun20487 Chartered Surveyor of the Year 2020 - South East England Eight years ago, Hamblin Sullivan Associates came into being as a traditional surveying firm that provided a broad range of surveying and engineering advice to the insurance industry, developers, and private clients. Earning the title of Chartered Surveyor of the Year 2020 – South East England is no mean feat, but having done it after less than a decade in business is a testament to the firm’s superiority. We dive deep to find out more about the firm and what it offers. At Hamblin Sullivan Associates, the firm carries out structural surveys, building surveys, homebuyers surveys, and property valuations for all manner of clients. On top of this variety of surveying services that the firm offers, it also acts as Contract Administrators on construction projects and are party wall specialists. As the firm are RICS-registered valuers, Hamblin Sullivan Associates is able to carry out independent valuations in accordance with the most recent edition of the professional standards valuation handbook, which includes the International Valuation Standards. The directors at the firm are chartered surveyors themselves, as well as RICS-registered valuers, building engineers, and project managers. The leadership at the firm is truly exceptional, and well suited to the work that Hamblin Sullivan Associates carries out on a daily basis. When working with clients, the team at Hamblin Sullivan Associates partner mostly with buyers and sellers of residential and commercial properties, banks, insurance companies, insurance policyholders, housing associations, and property management firms. With offices in Central London and St Albans, there is a plethora of companies and partners just waiting for the right opportunity to partner with Hamblin Sullivan Associates. The firm is not reserved to serving clients exclusively within Central London and St Albans however, and is more than happy to cover all areas within London and the surrounding Home Counties. What differentiates the firm from the competition and marks it out as the best possible option for the clients is a number of things, but Hamblin Sullivan Associates is particularly proud of its official accreditation because customer satisfaction means so much. RICS, or the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, is undoubtedly the royalty when it comes to working within the world of chartered surveying, and it truly marks out Hamblin Sullivan Associates as a firm that can be trusted and is wholly professional. When booking a pre- purchase survey with the firm, there is an option to attend the inspection towards the end of the survey, so that the firm can discuss its finding with the client prior to any other steps being taken. Firstly, this does even more to build strong and trusting relationships during the length of a service, and every client is positively encouraged to do this, if possible. What also makes this an outstanding extra service is that the client will only ever be dealing with a surveyor or engineer that works with Hamblin Sullivan Associates. No survey work is outsourced to external consultants, and the client can trust that everything is being handled in-house, as it should be. This allows the firm to ensure that every client receives the exceptional standard of service that they have come to expect from Hamblin Sullivan Associates. Looking to the future, there is plenty to be excited about for the team at Hamblin Sullivan Associates. The firm is keen to continue offering its clients the same high standards of service so that it can retain its strong industry position, whilst keeping an eye on future goals when moving forward. These include keeping the 100% track record for customer satisfaction at the same level, so it can remain the best surveying and engineering company in London. Ultimately, Hamblin Sullivan Associates is a truly spectacular firm that delivers in every aspect that a client could want them to, and is fully deserving of all its successes. Company: Hamblin Sullivan Associates Contact: Katya Hamblin Website: