UK Enterprise 2020

157 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Jun20445 Best Branding & Design- For-Print Company 2020 Located in the East Midlands, Muzz Design Ltd is a firm of passionate graphic designers with the talent and experience to deliver effective, creative solutions to all of its clients. Graphic design is increasingly important for firms that need to update their content or brand imaging. Find out why Muzz Design is the perfect choice for any firm in need of branding and design-for-print services. Graphic design may be a passion for some, and a talent for others, but for the team at Muzz Design Ltd in the East Midlands, it is both. Armed with the talent and experience that comes from working in graphic design for years, the firm is able to cater to any business need when it comes to branding. Whether clients are established and rooted in history, or taking their first steps into the world of business, branding is a vitally important tool to have. Muzz Design works tirelessly to create effective and creative solutions that radiate brilliance from initial conceptualisation right the way through to final design and publication. The variety of services that the firm offers include brochures, leaflets, business stationery, packaging, point of sale, signage, large format and exhibition stands, and a myriad of digital services, including digital advertising, social media page assets, and of course website design. What differentiates Muzz Design to so many other graphic design firms is the strength of the relationship that is built between the firm and the client. It is a highly professional and personable team that is often viewed as an extension of the clients’ own team. With excellent communication between the clients and the sole designer, rather than a studio manager, the firm and client can together control projects and steer the content in the right direction without mixed messages being transferred between lots of people who are not necessarily involved. Sometimes, the firm finds itself trying to convince a potential client that a streamlined team can indeed manage projects of any size without compromising on any aspect. In the years since Muzz Design was formed, it can proudly say that it has proven itself on every occasion which has led to the majority of its new business coming from recommendations courtesy of existing clients. Now, the firm has more than two decades of experience delivering on time and on budget, with well-known brands and blue chip companies in the firm’s extensive client list. The world at the moment is seeing more and more design agencies outside of London getting a bigger slice of proverbial pie. It used to be that successful agencies had to be set up in London or other big cities such as Birmingham and Manchester, but thankfully companies are now recognising the talent that is widespread across much of the United Kingdom. In most cases, these smaller and more talented firms offer better value for money when it comes to graphic design services. The enormous shift in the way that graphic design firms such as Muzz Design work during the COVID-19 pandemic has also shown that most designers can work remotely without the need to be in physical contact with clients, further confirming that their talent is not related to their geographic location. In fact, being based in the East Midlands has many benefits for Muzz Design. As it is a fairly central location within the United Kingdom, the firm is perfectly positioned for when it does need to meet up with current and potential clients from almost any part of the country. London is an hour on the train, with Birmingham just being fifty minutes’ drive away which is perfect for attending exhibitions at the NEC. Plans for growth are being taken at a steady pace, ensuring that Muzz Design can fulfil the expertise it promises to clients. Its services are already exceptional, but with superior customer service and a breadth of creative solutions that are hard to rival, Muzz Design is set to become one of the best graphic design firms not just in the East Midlands, but the entirety of the United Kingdom. Company: Muzz Design Ltd Contact: Maria Pandya Website: