UK Enterprise 2020

163 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Having been established and in business for more than three decades, the family-run team at Dolphin Lifts Midlands knows a thing or two about how to run one of the most exceptional stair lift companies in the Midlands. Over the last thirty years, the firm has built a reputation for providing its clients with high quality access solutions which are backed by superb levels of customer care and aftersales support. We take a look at this journey to find out what makes Dolphin Lifts Midlands such a fantastic business. Best Independent Stair Lift Company - Midlands When it comes to delivering a product that people will rely on to maintain their current way of life, quality and experience can go a very long way indeed. Dolphin Lifts Midlands has more than thirty years of experience in the stairlift and access equipment sectors, and has also built excellent relationships with all of the UK’s leading manufacturers. This enables the firm to offer every client and customer the best possible solution, regardless of whether or not they are private or commercial. The range of products that Dolphin Lifts Midlands has is another aspect of its existence that marks it out as a truly exceptional partner when compared to its competitors. With stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, through-the-floor lifts, and hoists of all types which are manufactured by leading companies in the United Kingdom, the firm really is at the top of its game. The family values which first gave life to Dolphin Lifts Midlands ad were central to the company when it was founded are still paramount today, and the team ensures that every employee shares this ethos. Over the last three decades, many companies in the industry have come and gone, but Dolphin Lifts Midlands has remained and continually grown through careful management, and can now be proud of the excellent reputation it has built up in the Midlands region. Despite the values never changing however, times have. The government and local authorities have begun to look into smart homes and assistive technology more and more, so it has paved the way for Dolphin Lifts Midlands to move into that area. As the United Kingdom continues to experience an ageing population thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, the need for these smarter homes and better assistive technologies is becoming ever greater. Dolphin Lifts Midlands is evolving and expanding its portfolio to cater more towards this area. An emerging and rapidly expanding market, the shift to embrace the smart home arena is one that the firm is confident will pay off. Dolphin Lifts Midlands already has decades of experience working with new technologies as they have come to market, and this willingness to move with the times and be at the forefront of those new technologies has helped the firm strengthen and maintain its position as one of the region’s leading mobility solution providers. Each staff member receives in-depth training when they join Dolphin Lifts Midlands, with extra support always available. Whatever the position may be, the firm always attempts to recruit and appoint individuals who live locally and share the firm’s values and passion for helping people. Dolphin Lifts Midlands has always prided itself on supporting the local community, and that has never changed with new employees. During the recent pandemic, staff have also been kept high on the priority list for the firm. In fact, the firm invested heavily to ensure every engineer had their own high-quality personal protection equipment including face masks, gloves, and anti-bacterial hand sanitiser with them at all times. Aug20293 The management team took the pandemic extremely seriously, as many of its customers are in the vulnerable groups who are most at risk from this terrible virus. However, they still required help to ensure that they could continue to live independently. Dolphin Lifts Midlands has also continued to believe in and support the local community through various initiatives, including donating to local foodbanks and sponsoring the local football team. Community is vitally important to this family-run firm, and the last six months have certainly been a challenge for everyone involved. However, Dolphin Lifts Midlands continues to be positive about the future, and offer a positive future for every single one of its customers. Company: Dolphin Lifts Midlands Contact: Lee Farrington Website: