UK Enterprise 2020

165 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Maintaining grounds to a high standard is no easy task, but for the team at, AD Landscapes & Maintenance Ltd it is one they relish. No matter how large the grounds, how challenging the terrain, the team always deliver an exceptional standard of work. We profile the firm in the light of its astonishing achievement in this year’s UK Enterprise Awards to find out more. Best Grounds Maintenance Company - Northamptonshire Many companies end up with pleasant green spaces which can be of immense benefit to those who work for a business, but all require careful maintenance and tending to ensure that the grounds remain in tip-top condition. The team at AD Landscapes & Maintenance are committed to doing a good job to high standards. For them, success has followed in the wake of this decision with the team in high demand indeed. The clients that AD Landscapes & Maintenance undertakes are mainly management companies looking after flats, blocks and open spaces. The team also tend to the grounds at schools, doctors’ surgeries, care homes, offices, warehouses, factories and large estates. While the focus is always on grounds maintenance services, the team are more than capable of offering hard and soft landscaping services too. Some companies just turn up and do the minimal amount of effort, but the team at AD Landscapes & Maintenance are determined to deliver a good job at every stage. If it means going behind one week, they can always catch up later on. This approach has seen the team taking on ever more clients, with a base that has grown rapidly in the last few years. To meet this need, more staff have obviously had to be employed. The team get on very well, with a friendly attitude pervading through all of their work. Taking pride in the job is key, as well as being willing to learn. Naturally all staff are qualified or are being trained to ensure that they are doing the best job for a client that they possibly can be. Being green is naturally a priority for the firm now, and while the team are naturally green-fingered, their thoughts concerning the environment are second to none. They have already begun adapting to more environmentally friendly ways of working, such as battery-powered equipment which will have less of an impact on the world at large. All green waste is recycled instead of being taken to the tip, heading to power plants to be used as fuel. In a firm like this, a great deal of waste is created, so being able to take a practical step forward has been key to success. The effects of COVID-19 have hit many businesses incredibly hard, but for the team at AD Landscapes & Maintenance, work has continued with relatively few changes. Working outdoors where it is easy to social distance has meant that they have kept operating throughout the pandemic. Being based in Northampton has allowed AD Landscapes & Maintenance to go from strength to strength over the last few years. There are good transport links to all surrounding areas and the firm is based not too far away from London. This Jun20367 has allowed the team to take on contract work in the city, just down the M1. Looking ahead, there is plenty of room for AD Landscapes & Maintenance to grow and thrive. The principles of hard work and high quality have allowed them to achieve some amazing results in the last few years, and it seems certain that they will guide the team to even further successes. Company: AD Landscapes & Maintenance Ltd Name: Alex Deakin