UK Enterprise 2020

167 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 SME News sees businesses of all shapes and sizes, covering a variety of different sectors, but it is a very rare few which are family run in every sense of the phrase. Riggzy Complete Kitchen Solutions stands apart as something truly unique, bringing an enviable team together. We take a closer look at the firm as they celebrate their success in the UK Enterprise Awards. Best Family-Run Kitchen & Bedroom Supply Company - East Sussex Based in Eastbourne, Riggzy Complete Kitchen Solutions has been a mainstay of the local community for almost a decade, providing exemplary service to people who want a kitchen that’ll last a lifetime. The firm is built on the shoulders of the Riggs family, with father, mother, son and daughter, son-in-law ,and their daughter-in-law joining at the end of September, all playing a part in the success of the company. As a family run business, customer service is first on their minds every step of the way. The team ensure that at every stage they are treating people like they would want to be treated. It’s what people expect when they turn to a company of this size. Instead of being swallowed up by a larger organisation, the Riggs family can treat each customer as an individual with their own specific needs. When a customer hires Riggzy Complete Kitchen Solutions, they take on a team who are committed to providing the best quality at the best possible price. Some businesses simply put a predesigned kitchen into place. The team at Riggzy Complete Kitchen Solutions ensure that each kitchen is the best it can be, using different components to ensure that everything fits tightly together. When people hire someone to fit out their kitchen, it’s no small investment. This means that everyone at Riggzy Complete Kitchen Solutions is determined to deliver a service that goes above and beyond each and every time. When the business started just under ten years ago, it was run by dynamic husband-and-wife duo Simon and Annette Riggs. Over the years, the success of the company has demanded more help and they have been able to bring members of the family on board to grow the company. In some situations, this could be considered a challenging position to be placed in. The company is not something that can easily be turned away from when family is involved. This is why the team have always maintained a strong attitude of keeping work life and family life separate. The benefits of a family business are numerous, however, with the same core values and vested interests encouraging a strong work ethic that means customers get the best possible results. Of course, many people have been put off from large investments thanks to the potential effects of Brexit. The start of 2020 saw some stability returning as the way forward became clear, but this could easily have been washed away by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the long run, the pandemic has in fact allowed the team to work even harder. As many people are stuck at home, unable to take holidays or put plans into action, they have undertaken an impressive scheme of home improvement. This has allowed Riggzy Complete Kitchen Solutions to thrive. Obviously, the team are taking the Jul20032 necessary precautions to ensure that everyone is safe, but there has been a lot of demand for their services. This bodes well for the future, as the company’s name becomes more ubiquitous with quality and customer service. There are not many businesses that run like Riggzy Complete Kitchen Solutions, and few that run quite so successfully. The personal touch is one that is difficult to cultivate, but this team achieve it with every project. Their success in the UK Enterprise Awards is well deserved indeed. Company: Riggzy Complete Kitchen Solutions Ltd Name: Annette Riggs Web Address: