UK Enterprise 2020

UK Enterprise Awards 2020 | 17 in helping them achieve that. Not just a small part either. HR and payroll services and software are vital parts of company life, so leaving them in the hands of these trusted professionals is a wise choice to make. Company: Corporate Payroll Solutions Ltd Contact: Nick Doyle Website: Best Payroll Outsourcing Company 2020 Institute of Payroll Professionals, to ensure that they can consistently meet the demanding standards that are required of them in terms of technical skills and continuing professional development. CPS is not a company that hides behind its software. Looking to the future, CPS has its sights set firmly on securing even more success for itself and for its clients. Its next project is to offer its unique Bureau Management software to accountancy firms, designed to save them substantial time when processing and managing multiple client payrolls. The software delivers automated batch processing of reports, making sure that no report is ever missed due to human error. This also enables “lights out” processing, where payrolls can be processed and reports can be automatically delivered to clients’ secure online mailboxes via a portal without any human intervention at all. It also offers real-time communication with HMRC systems to seamlessly apply new tax codes and student loan notifications without the traditional human intervention that used to be needed to download and apply them. At a time when companies need to find new ways to work, better manage their day to day pressures, and make their operations as efficient and resilient as possible, CPS is proud that it can play a part