UK Enterprise 2020

172 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Jul20117 Best Courier Delivery Company 2020 Sending highly sensitive information or items requires working with a company you can trust. For the top law firms in the world and for medical companies moving highly contagious samples, Mailbox Express is the first port of call. For the last quarter of a century, the team has been committed to delivering success, and has achieved this with aplomb. We profile the firm to understand how it has made its mark on the industry. High-consequence deliveries are some of the most difficult to handle. In the huge world of logistics it’s understandable, if unfortunate, that some items get lost, but there are some cases in which this simply cannot happen. Consignments such as highly confidential legal documents and delicate or contagious medical samples must make it to their destinations on time and intact. Mailbox Express knows that there is no room for error, and provides a highly-tailored and specialised service to match. The team has done work for the top law firms in the world, as well as for cutting- edge pharmaceutical companies delivering the latest DNA-profiled chemotherapy direct-to-patient and Class A dangerous substances. This work requires the team to meet the most stringent of conditions, and has allow it to build a reputation of being the courier to turn to when you need a specialist approach. Mailbox Express offers a complete chain of custody, which is crucial for the company’s clients. This means that every step that a delivery takes is thoroughly documented, meaning it can’t get lost in the system and, most importantly, courier and client alike can prove the consignment in question has been properly handled. When working in the legal system, this is invaluable. Sometimes, clients have been challenged on evidence chain of custody in court but thanks to GPS data stamping; driver tracking via vehicle and PDA tracking and video evidence, the chain’s integrity has been upheld. While Mailbox Express provides exceptional service, it can be difficult to cut through the noise of generalist couriers. Setting Mailbox Express’s specialist services apart is no easy job. As COVID-19 has hit, these generalist carriers have taken on huge increases in volume thanks to the boom in online delivery, resulting in lowered service standards. That’s not how Mailbox Express does things, however. It simply isn’t an option for the team’s clients, so it is isn’t an option for Mailbox Express either. Communicating that above the din of major generalist parcel carriers remains an ongoing challenge. While there is a large field of industry professionals to recruit from, Mailbox Express often goes for people from outside the usual talent pool. It looks for those who hold extreme attention to detail and who share its emphasis on looking at any issue with an eye to improving delivery service and increase profitability. Those who come from within the industry often bring with them preconceived ideas and bad habits antithetical to both of these ambitions. As more and more businesses turn to online, automated solutions, the team at Mailbox Express understands the value of the human touch. For clients that have more unusual requirements, it’s vital to have the option to speak to a team member directly. Technology obviously has a huge role to play in the process, and the team has developed a bespoke back office, app and web portal that is tailored to every user’s specific needs, but this never comes at the expense of having a human in the driving seat. Looking ahead, the team behind Mailbox Express is continuing to evolve in the fields that have brought it success so far while adapting to the challenges posed by the coronavirus. Medium- to-long-term, MBE is delving deeper into the specialised medical fields with a specific focus on technical and high-consequence deliveries where IT can show clients the biggest benefits. The team is always in contact with clients to learn more about their specific needs and requirements. This means that the moment the needs of their business change, Mailbox Express is ready to change with them. Always staying two steps ahead has been key to success, and as Mailbox Express continues to build strong relationships with clients it will continue to learn and grow alongside them. That’s what will allow the company to thrive for the next quarter century. Company: Mailbox Express Name: Darren Shaw Web Address: