UK Enterprise 2020

175 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Since being founded, Bar Marketing has offered its various barrister and chamber clients a range of effective marketing services that can meet their needs, regardless of whether they are looking for a long-term partnership or a project-by-project relationship. Bar Marketing works alongside clients of all sizes, from small and regional sets, to magic-circle sets. The firm’s thorough knowledge of the Bar and its idiosyncrasies enables it to provide the marketing services that chambers and individual members need on a daily basis, either on an on-demand basis or through a longer partnership. Services include marketing planning, strategy development, event development, business development, directory submissions, communications, awards submissions, SEO, website management, social media management, graphic design, marketing training and so much more. Alongside this wealth of services, the team at Bar Marketing helps individual barristers improve their profile and brand within their chosen markets. This is done by employing a wide variety of successful integrated marketing campaigns, and always abiding by the company’s core values of honesty and integrity, which remain as strong today as they ever were. Every client is treated as though their business was Bar Marketing’s own business, and it strives to deliver true value for money in a straight-talking northern manner. Since its establishment in 2011, Bar Marketing has been the leading barrister marketing consultancy supplying marketing for the Bar. Unlike most consultancies, Bar Marketing does not simply advise sets on what strategies they should employ; it also helps action those strategies by implementing those plans through its team of marketing personnel. Marketing is a hugely complex function that touches on every aspect of a chamber’s life. It is a relatively new concept to a lot of chambers which tend to see marketing as predominantly an administration function that is primarily used for event management or Jul20033 Best Barrister Chambers Marketing Specialists 2020 When it comes to companies, practices or individuals that require the services of a marketing specialist, it may be surprising to learn that barristers and chambers instruct marketing services too. Just the same as any other business, they need to promote their legal expertise to prospective clients and should not have to settle for second-best marketing support. That is where Bar Marketing comes in, having been awarded the title of Best Barrister Chambers Marketing Specialists 2020 in this year’s iteration of the UK Enterprise Awards from SME News. Here we find out why. social media. Chambers need to understand that marketing is a multifaceted discipline that takes years to understand and perfect. For chambers to be successful, they need to use the correct blend of skills that are deployed at the right times from a marketing perspective. Bar Marketing’s approach is simple; it offers its marketing services primarily in an on-demand basis. That way, chambers only pay for what they use and can maximise their return on investment. By having a team of personnel with a variety of marketing specific skillsets, the firm can provide chambers and individual barristers with the relevant services required at the time they need them. All of the colleagues working at Bar Marketing have years of experience within their chosen marketing disciplines. They also have a number of years of experience working with barrister chambers and law firms, meaning that they understand the pressures placed on legal services businesses and how they operate. Expansion is the future goal for Bar Marketing, and it’s surely set to achieve that. Despite the firm’s quest for world domination, Bar Marketing does recognise that some chambers and firms will want to try and manage their marketing in-house. With that in mind, the firm publishes free monthly newsletters to help their readership achieve the basics and understand where they need to focus their resources. Having recently added clients in Hong Kong and worked with barristers as far afield as India and Australia, the firm understands what it means to offer exceptional legal marketing services all over the world as well as in the United Kingdom. Barristers, chambers, and law firms alike are all keen to embrace the way in which Bar Marketing works, and the skills it offers. In terms of personnel growth, it is a measured process as each additional team member must meet the firm’s strict criteria and core values. Ultimately, Bar Marketing is a superior example of a business that has made a tangible modern difference to one of the oldest and most traditional industries in the world today. Marketing and law may not immediately go together in the mind, but Bar Marketing has proven that it certainly can, and will continue to do so for a long time yet. Company: Bar Marketing Limited Contact: Catherine Bailey Website: