UK Enterprise 2020

177 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Managing wealth is no easy task, but for the team at Rosewood Wealth Management, it’s a specialty. A relative newcomer to the market, it has quickly risen through the ranks to achieve success. We take a closer look at the business in the light of the team’s amazing success in the UK Enterprise Awards to see how it has been able to thrive in the market. Best Financial Advisory Firm 2020 - Derbyshire Jul20228 When handling financial matters, it’s much easier to be able to consolidate them into one place. For the client, this means one point of contact for all financial needs. For the company, it means that they get the full picture. Not only do they know what the client needs, they understand how to help them get the most out of their money. These principles have guided Rosewood Wealth Management since its inception. It’s a new company that is championing bold new ways of working. An all-female team provides a caring and customer focused attitude that encourages strong client relationships that stand the test of time. Any relationship is built on trust, and those with the team at Rosewood Wealth Management are no different. The team are able to offer centred independent advice in all areas including mortgage, investments, retirement advice, pensions, equity release, savings, wealth management and insurance. The breadth of the company’s services is what appeals to customers, with each delivered to an incredibly high standard. Few could argue that the business has thrived thanks to this holistic approach to financial affairs. The UK has many benefits that the Rosewood Wealth Management team have been able to take advantage of, with a strong infrastructure and a pool of potential employees who have immense experience to offer the business. The support that is offered for young apprentices has been of immeasurable help to a small firm, offering the team the chance to train up the accounting and financial advisors of tomorrow without the financial hit that this could cause. The need to give back has long been key to the way in which Rosewood Wealth Management operates. The team is committed to engaging with the community at a variety of different levels. The firm is already established as the 2020/21 sponsors of Cutthorpe Cricket Club, a valuable part of the local community for all ages, and are proud to work with organisations such as Chesterfield Champions who help support local business. The local area which Rosewood Wealth Management operates within embraces the benefits of a local touch, and this has allowed Rosewood Wealth Management to be a vital part of a dynamic and growing town. While relationships with customers are key, the way in which the team works internally has been critical to achieving success. Everyone who works at Rosewood Wealth Management is driven by a genuine love for the work and the determination to deliver a premium service. The team have recently taken on a new apprentice and put in place a dedicated tutor and tailored courses, with the help of a specific financial services apprenticeship company to ensure that they are supported appropriately. This consideration of how people work runs through the whole of the business. COVID-19 has really allowed the team to embrace the potential of technology, with the systems put into place given a baptism of fire. To the team’s credit, it has been a major success, with productivity increasing alongside the frequency of interaction with clients. For Rosewood Wealth Management, digital processes are here to stay. It’s little wonder that this is the case. The firm has always worked on the principle of being a modern business that embraces new ways of connection. It’s just another reason why they have been able to thrive, and why they will continue to do so for years to come. Company: Rosewood Wealth Management Name: Donna Robertson Web Address: