UK Enterprise 2020

183 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Communication continues to play a vital role in business affairs, with many companies ensuring that they can keep in close contact with customers and clients. Different providers have different solutions, each suited in a different way to customers. What Hosted Connections Ltd provides is a service that meets the needs of each client, adapting carefully to ensure that their solution meets the demand. We profile the firm to see how they’ve done it. Telecoms Solutions Provider of the Year 2020 - East England With twenty years of experience in the industry, the team behind Hosted Connections have seen it all. They’ve watched businesses transform thanks to the rise of the internet and how businesses have struggled through change in recessions. Throughout it all, however, they have remained on top of the latest unified communication solutions on the market, able to implement the most appropriate ones in every situation. A Hosted Connections solution is able to accommodate the needs of most businesses. This means that whether someone is a sole trader, an SME or a public company, they can take advantage of what Hosted Connections have to offer. The key to this has been the implementation of a flexible approach, allowing for easy adaptation. Incorporating other communication needs is no difficulty and very easy to achieve. The core values of the firm are based on the needs of customers. The team know that they have the experience to help a wide variety of people, and aim to deliver some of the best, and most cost- effective experiences in the industry. Needless to say, the team’s success has been built on the way in which customers react to the team’s work. They trust Hosted Connections implicitly when it comes to delivering an exceptional solution. This trust is matched by the team’s connections with suppliers. The close relationships built up over time allow for any benefits to be passed on directly to the customer. In terms of expertise and costs, this is one of the many reasons for which a client might consider working with Hosted Connections. As the COVID-19 pandemic has continued apace, the team have had to adapt to new ways of working both for the team internally and for their clients. Flexible working has obviously begun to play a major role in the business model of Hosted Connections, and the team have adapted to this with ease. Apps have already been developed for use on mobile devices, laptops and desktop PCs that can easily be applied for use in this situation. Many clients have been able to adjust smoothly to the world of home working thanks to the sterling efforts of the team at Hosted Connections. As a UK based company, the team mainly serve businesses working in this area. Many have expanded to work with firms and organisations in the EU, but there has been more than enough work for the team within these shores. As a result, many of the ways in which Hosted Connections works are grounded in the UK. The servers used, for example, are hosted exclusively in the UK, meaning that despite operating a cloud-based system, no data leaves these shores. It’s a step to making things a little more secure that customers truly appreciate. Jul20640 Looking ahead, the team are celebrating continued growth. They moved into new property only 18 months ago and are now considering further options for expansion. Few businesses can claim to be looking for more space in circumstances like these, and it’s a testament to the team’s work ethic that they are. No doubt this move will be the first of many as Hosted Connections moves into the future. Company: Hosted Connections Ltd Managing Director: David Carroll Email Address: [email protected] Telephone: 01234860055 Web Address: