UK Enterprise 2020

187 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 The food market is one of those most likely to be affected by the challenges presented by Brexit and COVID-19, but no matter what, people still need to eat. They are vital services. The team behind Food Connextions Int Ltd will celebrate ten tremendous years of success in January 2021. We take a closer look, following their impressive achievements in SME’s UK Enterprise Awards, to see how they did it. Best Food Service Development Group 2020 When the team first opened their doors, Food Connextions sold smoked fish and sausages of the highest calibre. Now, nearly a decade later, the model has held strong, though now they specialise in cooked bacon. Regardless of what meat is on offer, the determination to ensure that it is of the best possible quality is always first and foremost. Food Connextions offers clients the largest range of cooked bacon products to foodservice and wholesalers in the UK. It’s a formidable boast, but one supported by the popularity of their flagship brand, The Grumpy Pigs. It’s never easy to establish a new name in the marketplace, but the team’s commitment to specialise in the products produced by our porcine pals has allowed The Grumpy Pigs to become one of the most recognised names in foodservice and the sandwich industry. The team’s success has come from finding ways in which to keep relevant to the industry at large in order to bring home the bacon. New products are always being added to keep up with the trends of the market. Currently, healthier options and “free from” ways of eating are taking the food industry by storm. To meet this demand for a more considered approach to bacon, the team at Food Connextions have added Nitrate free bacon to their product range. They have also developed a range of home delivery size packs, moving away from 1kg foodservice style packs to a fully recyclable 200g pack. The ability to sell smaller packs directly to consumers has been vital to the success of the company in these challenging times. The hospitality industry plays an enormous role in the team’s business model, with the clients who Food Connextions sell to mainly operating in this sector. COVID-19 has a rapid and devastating effect on the way in which the market works. Sales dropped by 95% in April and May, though have slowly begun to recover as the situation has become more clear and alternative solutions more obvious. Selling bacon in the UK and Ireland has been a major success for the company. It boasts one of the biggest markets in Europe. Change is afoot, however, as Brexit continues to rumble on. The company’s bacon is manufactured in Poland, and in a no deal scenario tariffs will apply to not only bacon, but in many imported food products too. If their previous activity is anything to go by, the team will find a way to adapt and thrive no matter how things work out. Looking forward, it’s clear that Food Connextions has a great deal of opportunity for expansion. With the success of The Grumpy Pigs already recognised, the addition of The Grumpy Chicken is guaranteed to be a major success. A range of products is well underway for sale in 2021. The team have also been looking at other markets, and have developed a brand of protein-based ready meals. Known as the Gym Bod range, this is intended to be launched in Summer 2021. Jul20388 It will be a worthy addition to a range that has taken the UK and Ireland by storm. Other plans for the future include moving into new territories to match the vision of a Global Britain. It’s clear that The Grumpy Pig has become a force to be reckoned with, allowing Food Connextions to thrive in the most difficult of situations. Everyone needs to eat, but Food Connextions ensures that everyone can eat in style. Company: Food Connextions Int Ltd Name: Stephen Andrew Web Address: