UK Enterprise 2020

188 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 team are tailormade, with the aim of providing peace of mind for their clients. From raising weekly invoices and ensuring sub-contractors are paid on time to full accountancy support including a fully managed VAT service, the support provided for subcontractors empowers them to make the most of their self-employment. Unico 3’s services are designed to improve efficiencies for all of the clients they work with, proactively advising on many aspects of self-employment and business. One of the common qualities that connects the team at Unico 3, is that they all have the same shared values and goals. These views are embraced by team members when they join the firm, and they know that Unico 3 will go above and beyond in supporting them to have a successful career at the business. Ultimately, the team play a significant role in helping the business to thrive and because of this, the firm prides themselves on consistently delivering personal and business development for everyone. Looking ahead to what the future holds, the team at Unico 3 are hoping to grow the business further in the years to come. Having already developed a five year business growth strategy that outlines their aims for the future, the firm is adapting and Specialising in compliance for subcontractor-based businesses, Unico 3 Limited is a business support company providing outsourced expertise in accountancy, administration and compliance for businesses and self-employed contractors alike. With endless positive reviews highlighting their impeccable work, we took a closer look at Unico 3 to discover more about how they have established a reputation in the Midlands for being the best sub-contractor accountancy and admin support business. Best Sub-Contractor Accountancy & Admin Support Business - Midlands Jul20520 Based in the Midlands, Unico 3 is an innovative business which strives to develop new techniques to support their clients further, above and beyond usual accountancy practices. Built upon providing their clients with a service they can rely on through outstanding customer service, the firm have a highly qualified team who not only effortlessly deliver these services, but have a deep understanding of their clients’ needs which is second to none. Although the company has evolved tremendously over the last decade, these values have always remained in place and are the reason Unico 3 is a fast growing business. Unico 3’s ability to overcome any challenges presented to them that their clients’ face from multiple angles, is one the reasons the firm is able to stand apart from their competitors in the industry. Whilst most companies will specialise in accounts, admin or compliance, Unico 3 have developed expertise across all of these areas enabling them the ability to offer their clients the complete service. These three elements interlink so closely that they ensure the services the team provide cover every aspect. Unico 3 offer more than just a great customer service, they build partnerships with their clients and become trusted business allies in which they can share in intricate details and plans to support their clients with business growth. The team provide tremendous support with more than just accounts and admin, they consult and advise, extending into bespoke services that are tailored to each customer’s specific requirements. This personalised level of care and service is a reflection of the family ethos that upheld greatly at Unico 3. The family run business, led by the mother and daughter duo, the firm focus on building strong, professional relationships with both their clients and team, to continue their family ethos. As a result, the services provided by this close-knit reviewing ongoing and using it as a basis for their business growth and opportunities. The team are constantly striving to change the way they interact with their clients by looking at ways to create an industry leading customer interaction journey. By using this unique approach, Unico 3 will show their clients how much information and support is available for them to ensure they truly benefit from using the firm’s services as well as giving recommendations to other trusted suppliers. Unico 3’s services have certainly not gone unnoticed. In this year’s SNE News UK Enterprise Awards, the firm were righteously awarded the accolade Best Sub-Contractor Accountancy & Admin Support Business – Midlands. This title is testament to the extraordinary level of service and customer care the team at Unico 3 effortlessly provide and we are excited to see what the future holds for this deserving firm. Company: Unico 3 Limited Telephone: 0330 1200 599 Web Address: