UK Enterprise 2020

UK Enterprise Awards 2020 | 19 Best Maternity Nurse Agency 2020 slowly starts to return to normal, Cheryl thinks that more maternity nurses will stick with the online support for parents, covering both antenatal and postnatal support. It is important to everyone at Maternity Mum to provide excellence not just to their clients, but to their maternity nurses as well. Cheryl wants to help the maternity nurses progress in their career in way that benefits them, not just the agency. They offer maternity nurses support with training courses and guidance as they undergo CPD and they want to build a good working relationship with them. Ultimately, this work and the support they have been able to provide during the Covid-19 pandemic has shown Maternity Mum to be worthy of the title of Best Maternity Nurse Agency 2020. Company: Maternity Mum Contact: Cheryl Foster Web Address: