UK Enterprise 2020

190 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Jul20509 Best Eco-Friendly Wood Finishing Brand 2020 Based in Darwen, Lancashire, Littlefair’s Wood Finishing Products are manufacturers, online retailers and suppliers of water-based wood stains and dyes, varnishes, finishing oils and wax polishes. What started as a range of four wood stains that had been carefully created in the basement of Les G. Littlefair has grown organically into a company that stocks a multitude of products and colours that vary greatly across the range. In 2001, Les G. Littlefair began stocking wood stain products in his Lancashire-based bric-a-brac shop, but soon noticed how well the product sold. As a joiner with an eye for perfection, he believed he could create an even better product that could enhance any untreated wood. After months of perfecting a product that was easy to use, environmentally friendly and beautiful to look at, Littlefair began selling his first range. It was not long until the success of his products enabled him to leave the bric-a-brac trade and concentrate on cultivating his own brand. Now, Littlefair’s Wood Finishing Products are manufacturers and online retailers of water-based stains, dyes and varnishes, finishing oils and wax polishes. They also supply a number of trusted stockists, which has been vital in spreading brand awareness and convincing customers to try Littlefair’s products over larger, established brands. Since the company’s inception, Littlefair’s values have centred around providing the best quality products and great customer service. It is the personal touch of this service that sets Littlefair’s apart from its competitors. Each customer is given a unique and personal service before, during and after every purchase of a Littlefair’s product; products which by their own right earn a great deal of credit due to their ease of use, environmental friendliness and lack of odour. The customer reviews are a testament to the positive reception for both Littlefair’s products and customer service, and in turn, are vital in attracting even more customers. The passion for British craftsmanship is clear amongst the Littlefair’s staff. With a thorough knowledge of the history of arts and crafts in the UK and extensive training for all Littlefair’s staff, it is not surprising that the company displays such excellence. Staff take pride in their work, and Littlefair’s cultivates an environment of honesty and communication that supports their team and encourages growth and development. Being a small, family-run business, the Littlefairs ensure conscientious care and attention goes into each element of the production process, all the way up until the customer has finished their own project. Operating in the UK, Littlefair’s sell their products all around Europe, and have cultivated a loyal base of customers who recognise that they are guaranteed excellence with every purchase. Most recently, Littlefair’s has begun building an online community called the Littlefair’s Fan Forum on Facebook. Customers are not only able to seek and provide advice but share their own finished products that have used Littlefair’s materials, whether it be a coffee table, wedding decoration or even to colour the fur of Moz the Monster in the 2017 John Lewis Christmas advert! While many small companies in the UK felt the detrimental effects of COVID-19, Littlefair’s actually saw a sharp rise in business activity, thanks to the increased number of house-bound people taking on DIY projects. However, this caused challenges as Littlefair’s material suppliers were facing their own pandemic related issues, meaning there were challenges at times with keeping up with demand. However, thanks to strong leadership, excellent customer service and effective management of stock levels, customers were constantly updated, and every order was fulfilled. While it is uncertain which direction the arts and crafts market will take following the spike of the pandemic, Littlefair’s remains on hand to support each of their clients and their needs. They are consistently looking at ways to enter new markets and develop new products by listening to their customers’ feedback. Littlefair’s is also working hard to continue providing products to the ever-growing customer base that extends around the world and hopes to have local fulfilment options across Europe and North America in the near future. Company: Littlefair’s Wood Finishing Products Contact: Marc Fretwell Web Address: