UK Enterprise 2020

196 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 There are few things more satisfying in the world than cleanliness. Whether it be the smell of fresh bed sheets, the sheen of a freshly-cleaned kitchen, or the immaculateness of a hoovered carpet, cleanliness is something to be admired and strived towards. In 2017, the west of the United Kingdom gave rise to one of the finest new cleaning companies: JJ Cleaning Commercial. We discover more about this firm and its award-winning success. Cleaning Company of the Year 2020 - Western UK Jun20489 Nobody likes walking into a dirty space, be it a home, office, or retail space. People like things clean and tidy; it inspires encouragement and clarity of mind also. Having a clean space is also important to success. With minimal clutter, business executives and other individuals in positions of leadership can see things more clearly than they would if things were dirty, and can focus their minds on what truly matters rather than the state of an office, work, or home space. In 2017, JJ Cleaning was founded in Hereford, and worked to deliver this level of successful cleanliness for clients all throughout Herefordshire and Monmouthshire. Still based in Hereford to this day, JJ Cleaning offers a wide range of cleaning services for an equally wide range of spaces. Need a retail space to be looking fantastic for a product launch? Or perhaps a hair salon needs a deeper clean than usual? Maybe an office space needs a clean following the recent pandemic of COVID-19 in preparation for its workforce coming back to the office? Whatever the case, JJ Cleaning are on the case. Each offering that the firm presents to clients can also come with carpet cleaning and window cleaning for that little bit extra shine and shimmer when it really matters. Clients can benefit from the whole package, rather than a quick hoover and a tidy up. What stands out JJ Cleaning, however, is a number of different factors. No job is too big or small for this dedicated team, and the results are guaranteed to be first-class. Given that each and every office space is unique, each service is also bespoke to the client. Clients themselves can rest easy that all of the cleaners working at JJ Cleaning are fully insured, DBS-checked, friendly, and trained to the highest standards. They can also rest assured that the firm offers competitive pricing against its industry peers and competitors, regardless of whether the work is domestic or commercial. Even house moving cleans come with a 48-hour guarantee, and there are also discounts offered in multi-service uptake. JJ Cleaning Commercial is thorough, and that is what stands it out from others in the industry. Even the signage of a client’s business on the exterior of the building is not too much to ask for from this outstanding firm. Rather than allow the client to shop around and look at getting multiple cleaning companies in to do a job, JJ Cleaning Commercial gets its clients’ properties looking sparkly clean in no time, and from every angle. COVID-19 may have initially put the brakes on the firm’s growth, but it is back to normal now, and ready to keep delivering the best possible cleaning service it can for its clients. Knowing that it will be sending strangers into a person’s home or place of work, JJ Cleaning does everything it can to ensure that the individuals are CRB and DBS-checked to the most rigorous standards, and full background checks are undertaken. Trust is the biggest part of employing someone at JJ Cleaning, and it filters into more areas of the business than simply working in a client’s personal or professional space. Cleaners are also in control of all the stock they need in order to fulfil their job to the best standard. Ultimately, cleaning is an area of many people’s lives that has come to the fore during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, as people are beginning to return to work and attempting to make them as clean, safe, and secure as possible, there is no better time to support this Herefordshire and Monmouthshire- based business. For that true sparkle that is going to make a space really stand out, there are few better than JJ Cleaning. Contact: John Jones Website: