UK Enterprise 2020

197 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Medicine is something that no person should ever have to leave to chance, and Chemist Click has presented itself as a digital solution for the digital era. As more and more people are heading online to order their prescriptions and take care of medicinal needs, Chemist Click has emerged as the Most Trusted Online Pharmacy of 2020. To find out more about this online pharmacy and why it is perfect for the patients of today, we take a closer look at what Chemist Click has to offer. Most Trusted Online Pharmacy 2020 The modern era has given way to many advancements and developments in technology, and many of them have been used in largely positive ways. A prime example of this can be found in the world of online pharmacies and prescription drugs that are now readily available to so many people across the United Kingdom. Chemist Click has become an integral part of that world, developing its technological abilities and core values that underpin everything it stands for. As an online pharmacy, Chemist Click provides prescription treatment for certain medical conditions once the patient has completed an online consultation. Prescription requests are only released at the discretion of a UK registered prescriber if they deem it is safe to do so. Since its inception, Chemist Click has operated with the core values of respect, safety, care, and accessibility for all patients. The company is registered with the ICO and is fully GDPR compliant. The medical professionals are fully accommodating of all extra needs and requirements that a patient may have. Everybody is treated in a respectful and courteous manner, and with dignity at all times. Chemist Click has also implemented safety measures to ensure that its service is entirely safe for those that use it, and the firm also provides care through a patient-centred approach. The service has been risk-assessed, and all staff are trained with years of experience working in the medicine and healthcare industries. Easy access to healthcare and prescription medicine at an affordable price is something that Chemist Click prides itself on, especially the ease of access that patients have when trying to talk to a medical professional. Phone lines are manned by multiple customer services agents at any given time, as well as a dedicated Pharmacy Team who are present to answer any medical related queries when required. The company aims to answer phone calls within 30 seconds. Emails may take up to a maximum of twelve hours before a response is received, and the team of dedicated customer service agents work tirelessly throughout the day to ensure that everyone is provided with a high standard of service. Chemist Click also utilises a live chat feature, where queries are responded to within a minute. More and more people are going online for their prescription medicines, and even to meet doctors in one-to-one video calls or virtual meeting rooms. At first, the services that Chemist Click provide were primarily popular amongst younger patients. However, since COVID-19 has forced much of the United Kingdom into a nationwide lockdown, there has been a sharp increase in the demand for their services, with many older patients adapting and starting to feel more comfortable using online services. Chemist Click has helped so many people throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, especially those who have been deemed vulnerable or told they must self-isolate and shield themselves. The firm has a sophisticated supply chain, which enables patients to be able to complete their Jul20335 consultation and have their medication delivered in less than twenty-four hours. On top of this, all staff are treated equally, and are actively encouraged to add suggestions and opinions during weekly meetings. These enthusiastic and eager personnel are passionate about improving the lives of others by delivering medication in a timely manner that is affordable. Chemist Click is a perfect example of innovation being used the way it should be to benefit the people who need it the most. As it continues to innovate and deliver medication to those who need it, and with the COVID-19 pandemic not going away anytime soon, Chemist Click is sure to keep achieving bigger and better things. Company: Chemist Click Website: