UK Enterprise 2020

199 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Small business owners have often struggled to leave an impression on the digital marketplace, but the team behind Champion Marketing are specialists when it comes to exceeding online marketing goals. Thanks to years of experience, scaled to support these organisations, they have achieved great things. We profile the firm in the light of its incredible accomplishments in this year’s UK Enterprise Awards. Digital Marketing Specialists of the Year 2020 - Hertfordshire Founded in May 2019, Champion Marketing has had to react quickly to rapidly changing circumstances. As the need for small businesses to put themselves out there online has increase, so too has the demand for businesses that can take the strain of putting this work into action simply and effectively. Led by Kerry Levy, the team behind Champion Marketing have a passion for the field. They approach every project and client with a can-do attitude that inspires confidence in what they can achieve. Every client requires a unique set of strategies and techniques, and the team adapt until they find the perfect fit. Prospective clients are able to benefit from free consultations if they would like to learn more about the benefits that Champion Marketing could bring to their businesses. At the heart of Champion Marketing is a desire to be authentic and organic in approach. Creativity is guided by a deep understanding about consumer behaviour that allows the team to focus on targeting, reaching and converting customers online. Kerry is able to offer services such as social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, digital marketing consulting and advice and digital marketing training to clients, each to the highest possible standards. All marketing that Champion Marketing undertakes is organic, though the team have experience in paid social media advertising if that’s what the client demands. Having completed a marketing degree and a Post-Graduate qualification in Digital Marketing with the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Kerry feels her approach definitely gives the team at Champion Marketing a competitive edge. When the COVID-19 pandemic began to affect operations in the UK, there was a marked downturn in demand for services from Champion Marketing. This was because many firms and companies were forced to rapidly adapt to the new guidelines regarding social distancing. As restrictions lifted, there was an increase in business within the trade industry. Nearly half of the British population used the lockdown to undertake home improvement. This has kept the trade industry very busy with jobs booked in constantly, so the team at Champion Marketing have been able to reap the rewards of their success, updating people online. For the team at Champion Marketing, the future seems bright indeed. Kerry is determined to see her newly founded business prosper in this new economic environment, leveraging the ability of the agency to adapt quickly to changing events. There are already plans in place to expand and evolve to offer more services such as website development and structured training courses, as well as the permanent implementation of a remote working environment so that staff can work from home. Jun20347 As a small company that has only just found its feet, the need to ensure that each member of staff employed can make a valuable contribution is paramount. Kerry has built a culture where team members are honest, supporting each other openly. Any new member of staff has the same right can- do positive team spirit attitude. Digital marketing is key to success in the new normal, and companies like Champion Marketing take the strain so that SMEs can focus on what they do best. It’s a form of collaboration that thrives on success. Company: Champion Marketing Name: Kerry Levy Web Address: