UK Enterprise 2020

200 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Digital marketing has become one of the most valuable areas of a business in recent years, and particularly in recent months with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many businesses to conduct their business online. However, not all businesses are equipped with the techniques and knowledge necessary to survive and thrive in the digital marketing arena. That is where SiteGeek comes in. Join us as we find out more about this excellent firm, and the work it does to support businesses in and around London. Best Digital Marketing Training Consultancy - London Jul20224 SiteGeek is a digital marketing training consultancy that provides training and services to its clients in a bid to give them a clear and process-driven path to doubling their revenue. It is no secret that digital marketing has become one of the biggest businesses in the world at the moment, with the rise of technology and more businesses than ever looking to establish themselves online. SiteGeek specialises in company growth, and ensuring that companies continue to grow though the process-driven method that is scientifically proven to get results. Through training sessions that are tailored to the client, clients and companies all over the world can realise where they have been dropping the ball on their marketing, and the huge benefits of having a documented journey, tools, and tactics to get results and the all-important metrics. Clients that choose to work with SiteGeek can witness results of between 80 and 240% growth in the first eighteen months of working with the firm. The training is world-class, and it partners with the company that literally wrote the book on digital marketing, Along with twenty five years of experience with websites and promotions, clients can benefit from results that are as swift as they are effective. Now, more than ever, those results are needed for so many businesses. Since the United Kingdom government told everyone to work from home if they could, digital marketing has become a necessity. As such, SiteGeek has helped dozens of coaches and business move online and get their businesses ready so that they didn’t fold. A huge undertaking, but one that SiteGeek has faced with determination and dedication. COVID-19 may have changed the world for businesses, but this exceptional firm has helped lead and guide its clients through it, whilst making sure that they are ahead of whatever obstacles may arise in the next few years. Since the beginning of lockdown in the United Kingdom, SiteGeek has launched 22 client websites, finalised and launched 20 online campaigns, provided 240 training videos, created seven live webinars, and hosted a marathon eight-hour webinar for businesses working from home. The team of contractors that works with SiteGeek is just as exceptional as the staff already working at the firm itself. Over the years since the business was founded, SiteGeek has built up a team of contractors that it works with on all projects. All of the team are certified by DigitalMarketer in their chosen path, and the firm always remains on the lookout for world-class talent in the digital marketing arena to keep pushing forward. This talent will undoubtedly prove to be invaluable in the months and years to come as the United Kingdom continues its recovery from the devastating economic and social effects of COVID-19 upon life as we knew it. However, SiteGeek sees a brighter future for businesses in the aftermath of the virus. For those that get their structure right, and do not rely on customers to simply turn up, there is now a chance for a bright and successful business life after COVID-19. Utilising all the tools and techniques of the digital marketing trade, SiteGeek can help businesses build a friendship with customers that will put them in good stead for years to come. Along with its DigitalMarketer Partner firms, SiteGeek is on a mission to double the size of ten thousand businesses within the next five years. Ultimately, this is a firm that is resolutely focused on delivering outstanding services for businesses looking to the future. SiteGeek is looking forward to helping a huge number of companies grow and take their businesses to dizzying heights of development, whilst also making sure that the United Kingdom leads the world after the worries of a global pandemic and leaving the European Union. SiteGeek recognises that events have happened, but now is the time to make sure that businesses in the United Kingdom are ready for whatever happens next. Company: SiteGeek Contact: Steve Hooper Website: