UK Enterprise 2020

204 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Aluminium steel gutters, which form the heart of Scunthorpe Seamless Gutters, are by no means a new concept. Aluminium was first used in the 1920s, with the first seamless gutter machines sold in the UK in the 1970s, but it has never been able to break into the market at large. Raising awareness of this approach has been a great deal of the work that Scunthorpe Seamless Gutters has had to do in order to grow its client base. Drawing on the past in this way places Scunthorpe Seamless Gutters in a superb position for the future. The team have exciting plans in place that will allow the business to grow and thrive for the foreseeable future. This includes working alongside local builders and businesses to increase the company’s exposure within the community. While these plans could have major benefits for the team’s work in the residential market, they also hope to explore the commercial market sector and social housing projects within the next five years. Guttering plays a crucial part in keeping water out of the house, but thanks to the team at Scunthorpe Seamless Gutters, it can play a role in saving the environment too. The team have spent years developing a sustainable, environmentally friendly approach to gutters that could revolutionise the market. We investigate further to see what benefits this firm could bring to your property. Best Residential Gutter Company - Lincolnshire Jun20440 Scunthorpe Seamless Gutters are specialists in the installation of aluminium seamless gutters. Formed on site using 90% recycled aluminium produced from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, the company has been able to provide customers with a stylish solution guaranteed to last for years to come. The team hold a unique position in the market as the only residential seamless gutter company within a 40-mile radius of Scunthorpe. This has not tempered their ambition, however, and they are committed to providing a superior service to clients. This takes the form of a 20-year manufacturer’s guarantee for the gutters to not fade or rust. Full maintenance and repair services are available to customers, with a soffit and fascia installation as well as a gutter cleaning service using the latest Skyvac system offered to those who need it. This last service is operated from the ground and takes advantage of the addition of the company’s new service with regards to roof moss scrape and biocide treatment. The gutters that Scunthorpe Seamless Gutters produce are truly exemplary products, with the seamless construction ensuring no leaks. Fixings are hidden away for aesthetic reasons and four standard colours are available to choose from. Customers have found the choice of seamless guttering is one that they do not regret. As a family-owned business, service is paramount to the Scunthorpe Seamless Gutters team. They take great pride in delivering a service that goes above and beyond the competition in every way. These high standards, combined with a genuine enjoyment for the work, make Scunthorpe Seamless Gutters a formidable force in the market. Another part of the success of Scunthorpe Seamless Gutters has been its ability to meet the needs and the trends of the market today. Many people have seen the need to take a more environmentally focused approach to how they buy materials, and how these materials are implemented. This, combined with additional vehicles and an additional gutter machine, would allow the team to access an enormous breadth of work opportunities that have previously been closed to them. The team have established themselves well in the market, with an exceptional USP that keeps customers interested in their work. As we celebrate their impressive achievement in the UK Enterprise Awards, we’re certain to see this firm again very soon. Company: Scunthorpe Seamless Gutters Ltd Name: Andrew Midgley Website: