UK Enterprise 2020

206 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Jul20453 Art School of the Year 2020 - London Here at SME News, we may not know much about art, but we know what we like. The team at Paintbox Studios have been a guiding light to clients who want to know more about how to interpret the world around them. Having achieved such success, we were determined to take a closer look and find out more. In 2016, a conversation took place between like-minded artists. They wanted to create a space where students could learn and develop a range of drawing and painting skills in a beautiful, well equipped studio environment. It was a dream, one which started in a small temporary space in Chelsea. There were two tutors, and a skilled studio co-ordinator, and that was it. Now, four years on, things have changed. Paintbox Studios has grown significantly. It now inhabits a more permanent studio in Hammersmith and has doubled in size. The team comprises five specialist tutors running classes six days a week. Such is the popularity of the company’s courses that there are already waiting lists, brimming with prospective students. The team’s tutors are made of practicing artists, holding at least a Master’s degree in Art from leading universities. This is key as it ensures that students are receiving the benefits of someone who is actively involved in the art scene. Each tutor brings with them wide and varied educational backgrounds, which are sympathetic to both the material and conceptual requirements of clients. Every student gets personal attention, with each tutor tending to no more than six students. The studio is unique in its teaching approach, taking each student where they are and treating them as an individual. This means that the tutors will work with students from the age of 7 to over 70, from complete beginners to established practitioners, from those who are looking to gain academic benefit to those who are just having a bit of fun. Individually tailored programs have been developed to cater to a wide variety of client needs, Paintbox Studios is aware of and sympathetic to busy London lifestyles and so offer flexible schedules for classes. For those who are taking A-Levels or GCSEs, Paintbox Studios offers an exceptional course that could enhance your work. These students get specific attention and support through their programs and are often guided through university applications. Because the focus of Paintbox Studios is steadfastly on individual development, the team caters to a variety of special needs students. Being based in London has presented the team with a client base that is incredibly diverse. It has allowed Paintbox Studios to embrace the talents of international students from around the globe. The team feel enriched by what their experiences bring to the studio. As a large proportion of the company’s talent base is made of young people preparing for art scholarships and universities in London and abroad, it’s worth pointing out that those students who come to study at Paintbox Studios become part of an exceptionally high success rate. The team are always thrilled to see students taking the next steps in their development, both here and internationally. The effects of COVID-19 have obviously had an impact on how Paintbox Studios operates, but since re-opening, some changes have been made. Hand sanitizing stations have been implemented, as well as partitions between work stations. The class sizes have been reduced, and all are required to wear face coverings. These steps have been key to allowing people to return to the studio, and students have responded well to the need to protect everyone’s safety. It demonstrates the flexibility of this amazing team. In all, Paintbox Studios offers an incredible service that could only benefit those who want to dig deeper into their art. With skilled tutors and a personal approach, it’s clear that the team are on track to achieving new and impressive levels of success. Company: Paintbox Studios Name: Adam Vass and Fanny Lacroix Web Address: Instagram and Facebook: londonpaintboxstudios