UK Enterprise 2020

208 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Fitness is for everyone, but for many, the traditional gyms and fitness centres can be off-putting in the extreme. Studio35 was designed as a gym for ‘non-gym’ people, creating an environment where anyone and everyone can access the benefits of good fitness. Following their success in the UK Enterprise Awards, we take a closer look at how they’ve inspired people into a life of better health. Jul20211 Since April 2018, the team behind Studio35 have been providing a vital service to those who want to improve their fitness, but don’t know where to start. Many are intimidated or put off by the traditional gym setup, so the main aim of Studio35 has been to make these people feel welcomed and supported as they start their fitness journey. The USP of Studio35 is the way in which it operates. Instead of having a large room of equipment that you might not be sure how to use, there is a simple, easy-to-use circuit. This circuit exercises every muscle group in the body, trains the cardiovascular system, and takes just 35 minutes to complete. The circuit is comprised of medical grade, Milon equipment which was designed initially for physical therapy and rehabilitation. This equipment is fully automated, meaning that when a member taps their personal wristband on to a piece of equipment, the machine will adjust seat and lever heights to suit the member, then load their exercises programme automatically. Members at Studio35 never need to remember how to set up any of the machines or remember which weight they should be lifting. They just tap their wrist band on to the screen and follow a ball on the screen. The use of Milon equipment also means that as well as helping people to get fit and lose weight, the team can also help members with a wide range of injuries and health conditions such as fibromyalgia and MS. There is a big trend towards circuit training in the gym industry at the moment, and Studio35 has been at the forefront of that, pioneering a process that goes one step beyond. Where other clubs may put a circuit in their gym and just let members use the equipment, deciding the weights/resistance levels themselves. At Studio35, strength and fitness tests are run to calculate the exact resistance levels each member is required to train at to achieve their personal goals. The team are able to adjust these levels as they see members getting fitter and stronger over time. It’s like having a personal trainer, without the costs! The big difference between Studio35 and other gyms is that level of attentiveness to each member’s exercise programme. Normally after an initial induction in a standard gym, members won’t get a chance to speak to a trainer again. At Studio35, the talented coaches guide the members through every workout to ensure they are working towards their goals. COVID-19 has impacted every industry, with Studio35 forced to temporarily shut its doors to the public. The use of medical grade fitness equipment meant that the organisation could be classified as a wellness facility and was actually able to be the very first club in the UK to re-open. The model that Studio35 champions, of personalised fitness in a circuit environment, is one that has adapted well to the pandemic. The controlled nature of the circuit has allowed the team to easily manage the distance between members while exercising. In just over two years of operation, Studio35 has faced unprecedented challenges. It has also overcome them with ease, building up a strong community of people who feel welcomed to try things they’ve never done before. As the team look towards tomorrow, it’s clear that they will continue making strides so that more ‘non-gym’ people can enjoy their fitness journey Company: Studio35 Name: Luke Rose Web Address: Most Innovative Health & Fitness Club - Essex