UK Enterprise 2020

UK Enterprise Awards 2020 | 21 The UK has always loved its animals, and what Happy Hounds Pet Care is able to provide is the love, care and attention that not all animals owners are able to give all of the time. It’s a credit to the team’s work ethic that they have been able to thrive in challenging times, laying the foundations for whatever comes next. Company: Happy Hounds Pet Care Name: Barry Harris Best Canine Daycare Centre 2020 – Merseyside & Best Aggressive Dog Rehabilitation Program 2020 - North West England why the team has a strong set of certification in a variety of fields such as mantrailing, scent work, games for dogs, canine cognitive skills and zoopharmacognosy. It means that the team can deliver a service that is truly unique in the area. Of course, while the ability to provide these activities is incredibly exciting, the basics must be covered as well. To ensure the best possible care for the dogs under their care, each team member is qualified in canine first aid as well as canine body language, perfect puppy foundation, proprioception, careers as dog trainers as well as canine aggression and rehabilitation. The global pandemic hasn’t slowed the team down at all in this regard, with Sarah Whitehead providing a course for those wanting to be a Trainer and Behaviourist certificated for COVID-19. The team have made every step to keep up with the needs of the day, which is how they have been able to achieve such success. Looking forward, Happy Hounds Pet Care seems to have a bright future ahead. It moved to larger premises in 2016, and has already put in the work to improve the home boarding service that it offers to clients. The next step, therefore, is expansion. The team are looking at new areas which could benefit from the team’s considerable expertise. Abergele, Wrexham and the Wirral are all being considered as possibilities for the future.