UK Enterprise 2020

215 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Education plays a crucial role in allowing the learners of today to reach their goals in the future. For some, learning new skills can be a little more challenging. An expert tutor can transform the education system for many, allowing them to thrive. Few are finer than the team at No1 Tutors. We profile the firm to see what advantages they can bring. Best Maths & English Tuition Service 2020 - Midlands When it comes to learning, everyone is different. No two students learn in exactly the same way. While traditional classroom teaching has its place, a more bespoke way of delivering will always produce superior results. The team at No1 Tutors have been delivering exceptional results around the world for the last 24 years. In 2012, the team finally expanded into the UK where this record has remained unblemished. The heart of No1 Tutors is the ability of the tutors to reach students where they are. Able to provide assistance in numerous subjects, they specialise in Mathematics, Sciences, English and the 11+ while catering for many more. An extensive pool of resources allows tutors to create stimulating tasks that are designed to meet the needs of the student. The team have been committed to providing lessons that enthral and inform, meaning that a passionate student is always able to succeed. Each client has their own set of requirements, so the No1 Tutors team have ensured that they are able to match whatever is needed. They can facilitate the teaching of individuals and large groups with equal aplomb. While much teaching is done at one of the firm’s many UK centres, some can be performed within the home itself. This is naturally subject to the availability of an appropriate tutor and surrounding circumstances, with COVID-19 seeing courses performed online. No education system would be complete without the ability to track the progress of each tutee. The need to personalise the process of education requires frequent examination in order to adjust the way in which lessons are taught. While for some this might seem overly onerous, it allows tutors to identify any areas of weakness. The team record all this information on a bespoke feedback app, designing in-house for the task. It contains assessment results, feedback of each session and live updates. It also has graphs for busy parents so they can visually monitor their child’s progress and the tutee’s learning style and adapt their plans to suit how they learn best. No1 Tutors has some learners whose parents are busy, and they wonder what their kids are doing online. The team have set up emails for their learners so that, where applicable, the parents can have access to the email. Students also feel a sense of belonging as it has in it. Both homework and general correspondence are maintained through this system. The portal is monitored securely, as well as linked to safeguarding monitoring to detect the use of abusive language so the team can alert parents and take necessary action. This form of record also means it isn’t easy for learners to deny knowledge of homework or other such learners’ pranks as their parents get a copy of such emails too. The UK branch of No1 Tutors has its main centre located in Wolverhampton, with other satellite centres in the local vicinity. This central location has allowed the team easy access to many areas in the West Midlands, while reaching out to areas such as Dudley, Birmingham, Wednesbury, Nottingham and West Bromwich. The services No1 Tutors provide are eminently accessible to all, which is one of the secrets of the team’s success. Because they provide education services to so many students, the team at No1 Tutors are registered with Ofsted. For parents, this provides a benchmark of quality that cannot be understated. The services that No1 Tutors provide are not only maintained to an incredibly high standard, but are regularly examined by an outside moderator. It has the double benefits of guaranteeing the safety of a child and making it possible for parents to claim back tax benefits. Ensuring that your child is making Aug20277 the most of the possibilities presented to them has never been easier. When considering if a personal tutor is required, No1 Tutors should be the first port of call. The team bring a guarantee of quality that is second to none. If you’re looking to make progress that could shape the course of your life, No1 Tutors is on hand to ensure that you manage to pass with flying colours. Company: No1 Tutors Name: Femi Adams Web Address: