UK Enterprise 2020

216 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Moving to a new house is stressful. There’re no two ways about it. There’s so much to think about. For the people of Bristol, however, there’s an option that lets someone else take the strain. Lovely Jubbly Removals have made their name in handling every sort of removal imaginable. We take a look at what the team have to offer, and how they’ve managed to achieve such a high degree of success. Best Removal & Storage Company - Bristol Aug20224 Lovely Jubbly Removals offer a service that is truly second to none. Some companies specialise in specific lines of work, but this Bristol based business covers every type of removal. Whether it’s 4-bedroom house removals, flat removals, international removals, European removals or even a simpler “Van and Man” service for smaller and cost-effective moves, the team can provide something to suit. Great customer services comes from meeting the needs of the client, and that’s the aim of everyone who works at Lovely Jubbly Removals. Many businesses expect customers to handle a lot of the heavy lifting and grunt work, but for this team, it’s them who take the strain. All a client has to do is point them in the right direction. Everyone who works with Lovely Jubbly Removals knows that they are not just moving things from one place to another, but valued items that are owned by an individual. Each is treated with the care and attention that they deserve to ensure safe transit. No two removals are different, so the team offer a bespoke range of services on a case by case basis. This means that customers get exactly what they need from Lovely Jubbly Removals – no more, no less. Many will not have moved before, or it will have been a long time since they’ve moved. This has allowed the team to provide some optional extras that make the process a little more straightforward. These optional extras are things like packaging and packing services, storage and holding facilities and extra insurance for high priced valuables. Working with a team who already know to take care with what you own is already a cut above many removal firms, but few have taken the time to discover a more flexible way of working that makes the process easier for the customer. Nothing is too much trouble for Lovely Jubbly Removals, so it’s always worth asking if you need something a little unusual. They’ll even arrange transportation for people if that’s easier! Those who are based in Bristol and moving in that area are able to benefit from an incredible free packing materials offer. This offer is available to customers who are using the firm’s half day or full day removal services, and include wardrobe cartons, boxes, bubble wrap, tape, paper and mattress covers. A deposit may be required on delivery, but this is refunded on collection or return of the materials in a reusable condition. The commitment to customer service is what has allowed the business to thrive, with the motto “He who cares, wins” acting as the guiding light for the team. Customers have come to rate the team incredibly highly for their work ethic and careful handling, which is why Lovely Jubbly Removals not only boasts 100% verifiable reviews, but can offer direct contact with previous customers to confirm their exceptional quality. Moving house is hard, and the Lovely Jubbly Removals team know this better than most. They’re committed to making a stressful day as straightforward as possible. It’s this attitude that has allowed them to achieve such an enviable degree of success. Company: Lovely Jubbly Removals Name: Mark Ware Web Address: