UK Enterprise 2020

22 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 It is no secret that resource-hungry tasks such as processing manual time sheets and handling annual leave requests can be some of the most nightmarish and time-consuming tasks for SME business owners. When managers need to be focusing on other aspects of their business, they need technology on their side to help with the more menial tasks. RotaHub is revolutionising this area of business to make it easier for owners and managers alike to get back to what they want to be doing. Most Innovative Digital Workforce Management Solutions 2020 Jun20390 Based in the county of Worcestershire, RotaHub is a team of workforce management solution experts whose knowledge and insight into the industry is unlocking the potential to totally revolutionising the tedium of routine administration tasks. Many of these tasks, including manually processing routine documentation, time sheets, annual leave requests, and a plethora of others, can be done with the latest advancements in technology. Doing things with new tech in hand can free up the business owners and managers of small and medium enterprises to focus on what really matters; organically growing their business to achieve new levels of success. Over the course of two and a half years, RotaHub has been on a journey to heighten the efficiency that it can provide to its clients, so that their own levels of efficiency can increase over time. One of the most influential and key figures within the RotaHub community of staff is the Founder and Operations Director, Sean Harris. Having been a solutions architect for some of the UK’s biggest corporates for more than twenty three years, Mr Harris swiftly turned his attention to a much different market; the SME market. In this market, resources can often be stretched to breaking point, and sometimes beyond. Owners and managers find themselves working longer hours just to try and find the time in the day to get through the administrative tasks that technology could handle in mere seconds. With Mr Harris resolutely focused on catering to the SME market, RotaHub can absolutely revolutionise the industry and make a serious difference to so many businesses. Mr Harris’ experience and knowledge of workforce management solutions is arguably second to none, and is perfectly compliment by his extensive understanding of customer needs in the modern era. This combination convinced Mr Harris to take the leap and set up RotaHub as a direct counter to businesses feeling swamped in administrative tasks. Now, RotaHub is the UK’s first Total Workforce Management Company, and is a top quality pioneer when it comes to innovation digital solutions that enable companies to improve their efficiency. However, it is not solely the work of Mr Harris that has proven vital to the continued success that RotaHub has experienced over the last few years. IT Director Christopher Shanks has also brought no small amount of expertise to the table, and coupled wth Mr Harris’ technical knowledge, that makes for a powerful combination. Together, the pair have paved the way for RotaHub to go down the road to success. The award that the firm has won today recognises the work of both Mr Harris and Mr Shanks, but also recognises two of RotaHub’s most popular time-saving digital products. These are the TexTime, and TexToil products. Firstly, the TexTime works to facilitate the submission of digital timesheets to make the manual processes even quicker. Meanwhile, the TexToil enables annual leave requests to be quickly and easily authorised or declined. Processes that were once tedious and time-consuming can now be made swift and secure with these innovative products from RotaHub. A key driver for the development of both TexTime and TexToil was the desire to utilise equipment and hardware that many of the small and medium- sized enterprises in the United Kingdom have. Many companies today are branching out in their usage of applications and other digital formats as a way forward, but there is always new technology coming out. Whether it be new smartphones, 3G connectivity, or 4G connectivity, advancements are always being made. Even 5G is now on the horizon and being widely rolled out, but there are expensive data contracts that enable people to run and use these forms of technology. For companies wanting to reach these people, they too have to stay on top of what is happening. Mr Shanks and Mr Harris understand the need for TexTime and TexToil to utilise technology that everybody can access; text messaging. 79% of adults in the United Kingdom have a mobile phone, and the vast majority of these phones are capable of sending and receiving text messages. Most of these messages are sent for free with basic mobile phone contracts and monthly plans, so RotaHub simply developed solutions that utilise this form of communication in a way that benefits the client. However, not everybody has a mobile phone that is tied to a contract. Fortunately, RotaHub thought of that too. RotaHub also built a pay-as-you-go module for its applications so that companies would only pay when they are used, and they didn’t have to commit to a monthly subscription and risk paying well over the odds. This allows the client and the company to avoid charges when the employee is on holiday for example, or not in work for any particular reason such as sickness. They are