UK Enterprise 2020

220 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 business cloud and IT support package that includes security, threat management and antivirus services. These aspects have been some of the matters which have most concerned people who have made the jump to home working and working alongside Cloud 4 Sure guarantees the safety of any information that goes to the cloud. The deal also covers vital software patch management and professional monitoring of both software and hardware. This deal is aimed at helping everyone to get the most out of the changes in working patterns and the shift towards working away from a centralised office and single, physical servers. Any company looking to the future would be foolish not to take into account the monumental changes of the past year and the dramatic impact that COVID-19 has had on the world, both commercially and in how people’s views have changed around topics such as working patterns, technology and the importance of staying connected. The team are very excited for the future of Cloud 4 Sure and the incredible sector they have the privilege of working in. The cloud-based technology they have championed will only grow in strength, scope and potential. Many people find digital communications and IT support lacking. They have found many providers unkind and unhelpful. Cloud 4 Sure Ltd was established to provide the bespoke, professional and above all reliable support service that people have always wanted. Led by Lee Copper, the team are an essential resource to many. We profile the firm to see how it has been able to achieve such award-winning standards of success. Best IT Support & Cloud Services Provider 2020 Aug20220 Based in West Sussex, the team at Cloud 4 Sure are committed to delivering cutting-edge cloud products that support business growth and help streamline operations via the internet. Working alongside businesses in a range of different sectors, from micro businesses to medium-sized companies, they have made a name for themselves as one to watch. This name comes directly from the approach that the team have taken since they opened their doors in 2017. They offer many things which mark them out as unique. Firstly, Cloud 4 Sure puts people first, offering a level of customer support that is second to none. The success of this approach has been proven by how many people come to the team via word of mouth. Secondly is the firm’s commitment to cloud-based services. For many, this is a new way of working, but the motto ‘cloud first’ has given the team an advantage as more and more people see the benefits of storing information online. Cloud technology is moving at an incredible pace and many businesses are struggling to keep up with what these changes entail. The team at Cloud 4 Sure keep up with the changes on their clients’ behalf, anticipating future developments and offering the best cloud-based solutions available. They aim to stand out from the competition by striving towards that most valuable of end goals: happy customers who can do what they want, thanks to the team’s input and support. Cloud 4 Sure has seen changing attitudes towards the cloud, but COVID-19 has seen the team well ahead of the competition in this regard. Having embraced the cloud at a far earlier stage than many other companies, they have been able to assist businesses who suddenly see what the cloud can offer as vital to the future of their firms. Cloud 4 Sure has helped to pave the way for successful remote working, home-based offices and instant, global connectivity throughout the pandemic. As people are changing how they work, Cloud 4 Sure is currently offering clients a £10 per month Cloud-based workloads are increasing exponentially and the team are keeping an especially close eye on areas such as increased cloud capacity, enhanced internet quality and the development of 5G, not to mention the ever-present cyber security threats and counter-solutions. The challenge, and aim, for the future of Cloud 4 Sure is to remain relevant, professional and indispensable to their clients, while staying true to the values of strong customer service that brought people to them in the first place. Company: Cloud 4 Sure Ltd Name: Lee Copper Web Address: Based in West Sussex, the team at Cloud 4 Sure are committed to delivering cutting-edge cloud products that support business growth and help streamline operations via the internet.