UK Enterprise 2020

221 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Operating in the beauty and complementary sector for almost two decades, La Cure UK Ltd is a family-run company that primarily manufactures a unique range of luxury organic Dead Sea Mineral anti-ageing skincare products and much more. As the beauty and healthcare industries become more popular and more accessible to so many people, we find out what makes La Cure so exceptional within the industry. Best Natural Skincare Brand 2020 The benefits of beauty products extend far beyond simply the aesthetics. La Cure offers its clients an extensive range of beauty products and natural skincare products that are as effective as they are luxurious. Primarily manufacturing a unique range of luxury organic Dead Sea Mineral anti-ageing skincare products alongside aromatherapy complexes and body mud wraps, La Cure’s products are designed to soothe the body and enhance the natural elements in the skin. Clients include spas, hotels, salons, and retailing directly to consumers. The business activity of La Cure gravitates around the delivery of great customer service and delivering a bespoke purchasing experience for every customer and client. La Cure consists of two luxurious product range branches; La Cure Dead Sea Mineral skincare, and Make Me. Including the likes of anti-ageing facial skincare products, and body care products designed to smooth the skin and leave a luxurious feeling, all products are formulated using ethically- sourced Dead Sea mineral salt or mud from Jordan. This diverse and extensive range has been specifically designed and manufactured for today’s busy lifestyles, delivering healing and regenerative results from the Dead Sea minerals. Instant results are perfect for maintaining and improving skin health quickly and effectively. Combined with the finest natural ingredients, these beauty boosters target dehydrated and tired skin, regenerating it from deep within to give a youthful and radiant appearance that helps restore elasticity and cell renewal stimulation. The naturally restorative properties are also idea for soothing sensitive skin and alleviating the symptoms of psoriasis and eczema. Make Me is the other award- winning range from La Cure, and is made up of organic anti-ageing skincare products, aromatherapy complexes, and body mud wraps that expertly combine the unique healing and beautifying powers of the Dead Sea minerals with the finest ingredients to allow for the acquisition of supreme mental and physical wellness. Every business is unique, and so are the needs of its clients. La Cure factors excellent levels of flexibility into customer relations and purchasing transactions. Customer retention is deeply important to managing director Philip Axon, and the firm is now privileged to be able to say that it currently has a very loyal client base, some of whom have been with the firm since its first year of trading. Actively encouraging a culture of responding to customer feedback and working closely with many industry professionals to reformulate and innovate is just part of the reason that La Cure has managed to remain at the forefront of industry skincare trends. However, many companies in the United Kingdom and the beauty industry have had a very difficult time of late with the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown. Spas and salons were forced to close their doors, and wait for months until it was safe to reopen once more. Tentatively, the industry began to find its feet again once some restrictions were lifted, and there seems to be greater confidence amongst consumers when it comes to booking treatments that have the required safety precautions put in place for client’s peace of mind. La Cure’s product sales remained stable throughout the period of lockdown also, and no Jul20518 staff were needed to be placed on furlough during what was an understandably difficult time. Ultimately, the beauty sector is constantly evolving with new treatment techniques being created, and existing skincare products being reformulated for ongoing momentum. An effective treatment relies on the use of quality products, but equally the techniques used by therapists. La Cure offers the most outstanding products that can be used to generate truly exceptional and beautiful results in the hands of those who are properly trained and educated in their correct application. As the benefits of Dead Sea minerals become more and more apparent, La Cure is ahead of the game and ready to keep innovating for the beauty and complementary sectors. Company: La Cure UK Limited Contact: Philip Axon Website: