UK Enterprise 2020

225 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Over the years since being formed, Pisces Training has delivered training to all manner of companies, be they large or small, as well as several county councils and individuals through open access courses, on the belief that health, safety, and first aid should be accessible to all. Every single one of the trainers used by Pisces Training is CRB-checked, and has a great deal of experience in the workplace, on top of a good background in training others through first aid and health and safety. The team at Pisces Training itself regularly attends courses throughout the year to keep up to date with the current procedures and legislation being written. First aid courses are designed to be fun and informative, rewarding and recognising the talent of participants through qualifications. All of the open courses held by the firm take place either in the room that Pisces Training owns, or it hires a meeting room where it host larger groups. Many of the courses can also be aimed towards childminders and nurseries, and these courses focus particularly on the aspect of paediatric first aid. These courses are happily run by Pisces Training over the course of two Saturdays, to ensure that these businesses do not have to work with limited staff in the week. Everything is done with the client in mind, and ensuring that the training is sticking in the minds of those receiving it. Unfortunately, as is the case with many businesses in the United Kingdom and beyond, COVID-19 has had a serious effect on the first aid training industry tremendously. Due to it being a face to face method of delivery, getting the training going during lockdown was impossible. However, Pisces Training has adapted with socially distanced delivery, constant sanitisation, and personal protective equipment for everyone involved. Clients themselves have been absolutely fantastic in adjusting to the way that Pisces Training has had to deliver the first aid training, as well as the health and safety courses. Jul20631 Best First Aid & Health & Safety Training Company - East Midlands Pisces Training is a vibrant and well-established organisation that offers training in first aid including OFSTED- compliant paediatric first aid, and health and safety such as risk awareness. As a firm, Pisces Training offers competitive prices without dropping the standards of delivery when it comes to top quality training. We find out more about this firm, and the values that drive it. The person responsible for the success that Pisces Training has experienced is founder and deliverer- in-chief, Betty Warren. Operating as a sole proprietor, Betty uses freelance trainers as and when they are required. She always looks for trainers that have either been a first aider in the workplace before, or they have a medical background as a healthcare professional. They must also have been teaching for a few years, and have experience of standing in front of people and delivering a course in a manner that it both fun and informative. Looking to the future, Betty is hopeful that when the time comes, Pisces Training will be passed on to someone whose passion and desire to see health and safety and first aid training taught to everyone matches her own. Pisces Training is also hopeful that life will soon resume normality and that training can be taught in a way that does not have to consider social distancing and other such rules enforced by the pandemic of COVID-19. Everybody should have the opportunity, and take the opportunity, to learn about best practices in health and safety, and also in first aid. Knowing these skills could save a life, and when they are taught by Betty at Pisces Training, they most certainly can. Company: Pisces Training UK Ltd Contact: Betty Warren Website: